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Media Pro (Mac OS X)

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Media Pro (Mac OS X)

Media Pro - Software to manage collections of your media files.As with other similar solutions, it indexes the pictures and videos, helping to assign keywords, ratings, speeds up file searches, making small adjustments, remember at what removable diskare the images, batch process any number of files, it is possible to import photos and videos directly from a digital camera (support for more than 100 cameras) and create directories.

Enlarge the image and evaluate your images with correct colors, in high quality and including adjustments using professional image rendering Capture One engines.Management positions in the library across multiple drives. Even when the originals are offline, you can browse, search and comment on the image.It also allows you to record media files on CDs or to back up to removable media. You can create slideshows and web galleries.

Title: Media Pro
The release took place: March 17, 2015
Supported OS: OS X 10.9 +
Language: English, German and French
Treatment: Included
Type of medicine: Patch
Size: 191,82 Mb

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