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UBot Studio Developer Edition 5.0.5 Final

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UBot Studio Developer Edition 5.0.5 Final

UBot Studio - программноое automatizācijas programmatūras bizness, kas ļauj jums viegli izveidot savu roboti, kas palīdzēs padarīt automatizēt darba procesu tiešsaistē, izmantojot vizuālo interfeisu. Ar UBot Studio, nav nepieciešams apgūt sarežģītus programmēšanas valodās, vai atcerēties sintakse, lai radītu spēcīgu boti automatizācija - tikai vienkāršu vizuālo saskarni.

Aizpildi stand alone software
— With a simple mouse click, your idea can become an independent piece of software that you can sell directly to customers and businesses.
— Build a real program that runs without having to buy anything extra and sell it without paying any royalties. The power is in your hands to convince everyone you hired an expensive team of programmers.

Enjoy outstanding support
— Survey In after survey, our customers have cited our outstanding support and quick response as one of the real advantages of using UBot Studio.
— We answer calls and emails ourselves, right from UBot Studio HQ. Our training videos, Wikipedia pages & forums are available right now for you to get started.

Start today
— Most programming languages are difficult and take months, if not years, to master". And they can cost thousands of dollars", " after you get all the pieces necessary to turn out professional apps.
— UBot Studio is actually fun to use. It takes the sarežģītība out of the process. There are no extra modules to buy or download and thousands of our customers are proof that UBot Studio gets the job done and doesn ' t pieprasīt previous training in programming to do it.

Developer Edition Funkcijas:
— Standard & Pro features, plus:
— Create self-turpinātu ieguves installation packages for your customers and clients.
— Whitelabel your software by removing the UBot Studio brand.
— Use styles and web technologies like HTML, CSS un javascript to unique design interfaces.

What ' s new in versija 5.0.5:
— Fixes an issue where the reset account command would not randomize the account data.
— Fixes an issue where the $random list item function would return the same list item.
— Fixes an issue where the $random teksts function would return the same text.
— Fixes an issue where certain plugin commands would not load correctly.
— Fixes an issue where $divide would round the rezultāts.
— Fixes a crash when in new browser was used in compiled bots.
— Fixes a crash when clearning variables in the debugger.
— Fixes a crash when solving a captcha manually more than once.

UBot Studio Developer Edition 5.0.5 Final

UBot Studio Developer Edition 5.0.5 Final

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