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Wondershare PDFelement & OCR Plugin Final + Rus

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Wondershare PDFelement & OCR Plugin Final + Rus

Wondershare PDFelement - Programma, lai rediģētu PDF dokumentus kopējiem formātiem, rīks, kas sērijas all-in-one. Rediģēšanas funkcija ir atbalstīt tekstu un fontu.Īstenots tehnoloģija OCR (rakstzīmju optiskās pazīšanas), ir dokumentu konvertēšanas uz dažādiem citiem formātiem, ir paredzēts atbalsts pievienojot attēlus, lai jūsu dokumentu, jūs varat numurēt lapas ātri pārvietoties nākotnē.

Wondershare PDFelement var pievienot jums nepieciešamās veidlapas dokumenta lappuses, ir režīms, kas ļauj savienot vairākus dokumentus vienā, protams, nav izticis bez iespējas pievienot savus anotācija. Ja ir vēlēšanās, dokumentu, var pēc jūsu rediģēšanas aizsargāt ar paroli. Reta īpašība, bet vēl Wondershare PDFelement arī ir elektroniskais paraksts, kuru varēsiet likt uz jūsu dokuments.

• With PDF element, alter text and change fonts as you do in Microsoft Suite. Simply click and start typing – it’s that easy.
• Our top-of-the-line OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology turns scanned documents into a fully editable document allowing you to: search, edit, format, resize, all text. Multiple languages supported including: English,Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, and many more.
• Want to work on the document with other programs? Convert from and to PDF directly from Word, Excel, Image, and other popular file types.
Add Image
• A picture is worth a thousand words. Simply insert an image to your PDF and rearrange the sizing appropriate to your document.
Bates Numbering
• Working on a legal document and want an easy way of identification and retrieval? Place identifying numbers on each page to help index multiple pages for easy recognition and search.
Form Creation
• Edit an existing form or create your own with customizable field options such as: text field, check box, radio button, combo box, list box, button, or a signature field. They are all interactive to make data collection or survey creation a breeze.
• Have more than one file you want to combine? PDF element allow for the conversion of multiple files into one simple PDF for easy organization.
• Highlight important text with our highlighting tool or make sticky notes to communicate detailed information. Select from over 20 predefined stamps to help archive or customize your own to feature a specific area of the document.
Password Protect
• We know some of your documents are sensitive and needs a layer of protection. Set restrictions for opening, copying, editing, and printing to make sure your files are safe even if they fall into the wrong hands.
• Received an RFP or need to sign a contract? Use the provided industry-standard encrypted digital signatures or create one specifically for your handwritten signature.
• Some information are confidential and sensitive to the public eye. To avoid private information from getting out, the redaction tool offers the ability to permanently black out the text or image.

Features included in Wondershare PDFelement 4:
• Workspace (Modernizētas!)
• Izveidot PDF (modernizētas!)
• Apvienot PDF (modernizētas!)
• anotēt PDF (Modernizētas!)
• PDF Veidlapas (Modernizētas!)
• PDF Security (Modernizētas!)
• Eksporta PDF (Modernizētas!)

Wondershare PDFelement & OCR Plugin Final + Rus

Wondershare PDFelement & OCR Plugin Final + Rus

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