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Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Updated images of original Russian OS "Windows® 7 ™ Maximum" Microsoft's various bit (x86 and x64), combined into a single image of the standard means of Microsoft (AIK) on 1 DVD.It includes a "clean" images are not modified Windows 7 Ultimate x86 / x64 and advanced loader Stop SMS Uni Boot from the Core-2.Integrated: Only important and recommended updates for January 2015 inclusive (200 pcs.) And Internet Explorer 11 ru x86 / x64, no further changes are made.

Building designed by popular demand of those who need a clean system after installation, who do not want changes in the assembly, and the question of registration is willing to do himself. All this gives this assembly, clean the system, and a large amount of additional material for manual installation.

The assembly is based on the official image MICROSOFT MSDN:

Internet Explorer 11 with updates ru (v.11.0.15);
update on January 14, 2015 important and recommended.

The image is not suitable for installation of the operating system installed and under on computers with UEFI-GPT disks.
At the beginning of installation added convenience boot menu (see. Screenshots) to restore the OS, partitioning, virus removal and many others.
Installation is strongly recommended because a boot the computer.

Installing the operating system is no different from the original, except for the choice of wording. Time OS installation varies from 25 to 40 minutes depending on the bit depth and power of the computer.The content of the images can be transferred to a bootable USB flash drive or burn to a DVD for the appropriate procedure to create bootable media (See note.).

Additional material:
At the root of the DVD folder of the system image is present with additional material.
· The folder "Activators" to activate the system contains two different types of activator (not foreseen in the case).
· The folder "Programs" to install manually add. programs and plug-ins (recommended setting).
· Folder "Desktop Gadgets" contains ext. gadgets for your desktop. Content is copied in C: Program FilesWindows SidebarShared Gadgets. You can copy all or some electronic gadgets to choose from (the folder "with the name of the gadget").
· Folder "Desktop Themes" contains themes and styles of the desktop. The contents of the folder is copied in C: WindowsResourcesThemes. You can copy all or some themes to choose from (file name + temy.theme folder "topic title"). Before transferring run Ultra UXTheme Patcher folder programs.
· Folder "Desktop Wallpaper", copy images from it in C: WindowsWebWallpaperWindows, or pictures, or just at any place and use as needed.
· Folder "Pictures account" contains images for user avatars. You can move a folder: C: ProgramDataMicrosoftUser Account Pictures (hidden folder, you want to show hidden folders).
· Folder "Screensavers", copy the contents into the folder C: WindowsSystem32.
· Folder "Packages clearance OS" for the desired package design system. Do not install the package without removing the previous one, if you have installed!

Applications, which the author recommends that you install after installing OS:
- .NET Framework 4.5.2 Full x86-x64 Slim, a set of libraries for many programs.
- Ultra UXTheme Patcher v2.5, software-patcher to add the possibility of using third-party themes;
- Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514.0, plug-in for web browsers.
- Java SE Runtime Environment 8u25, plug-in for web browsers.
- Adobe Flash Player, plug-in for web browsers.
Note: all the additional material is designed for self-installation of your choice

Description Loader Stop SMS Uni Boot from the Core-2:
Stop SMS Uni Boot - The boot image CD & USB, based on 32-bit Windows 8.1 PE (fully compatible with Win7). Designed for working with HDD and other problems. It includes in the package for system recovery after blocking SMS banner.
The composition of the program:
= Set the screen resolution to start the download, = Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional, = Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Premium, = Gimagex (graphical shell for ImageX), = MicrosoftDiagnostic and Recovery Toolset, = Acronis® True Image ™ Premium 2014 PP, = Repairing Windows 8.1 (x86 only), = Acronis® Disk Director ™ Home Update 2, = BIOS Master Password Generator, = HDD Low Level Format Tool, = Active @ Password Changer, = Acronis® Recovery Expert, = Universal VirusSniffer, = Paragon Alignment Tool, = Reset Windows Password, = Driver installation, = PartitionWizard, = Total Commander, = GUI Dism Win8.1, = Ghost Explorer, = ResetPassword, = PassWordRenew, = Boot Builder, = WindowsGate, = Restorator, = Explorer ++, = Defraggler, = WinNTSetup, = Ultra ISO, = PassReset, = SAMInside, = Anti SMS, = Avz4.43, = Testdisk, = Win Snap, = WinMount, = Ntpwedit, = AkelPad, = Bootice, = Drivexp, = Ghost32, = AIDA64, = WinHex, = WinRAR, = DmDe, = 7-Zip.

Notices and important recommendations:
1. The image is not suitable for installation of the operating system installed under.
2. The efficiency of assembly is guaranteed only when installing on a "clean", ie during the installation of a boot the computer to a clean formatted partition (disk).
3. The most reliable and error-free installation is recorded to DVD, provided high-quality recording media and fully operational drive.
4. Due to the fact that the installation image is compressed in the install.wim image install.esd need to apply the program to create flash cards that support this modern format.
The easiest way is to use software Windows7-USB-DVD-tool or Rufus 1.4.12 on computers with a standard file system BIOS and MBR.For use other programs to create a bootable USB drive only answer you. Do not use the UltraISO To create a USB drive as it does not understand compressed images!
On computers with UEFI and GPT disk system assembly of this type are not supported. I recommend the inclusion of a standard interface BIOS, and GPT disk to convert to MBR.

Activation of the system.
1. Turning off the Internet and anti-virus (if installed)!
2. Open the folder "Activators" on the system drive or go to the link on the desktop to this folder.
3. Run the file "Windows 7 Loader 2.2.2.exe" Hit Install, and wait until it appears on the successful activation and the need to reboot.
4. Hit reboot after reboot check the result.
5. If you are not successful, repeat step 3 again. The result is almost 100 percent.
After successful activation of the system is authenticated and without limitations to download all the updates.

Unlike the previous version of the assembly.
- Integrated software updates for January 14, 2015 inclusive.
- Integrated Internet Explorer ru 11 with the latest updates (v.11.0.15).
- Updated boot to Stop SMS to version v.4.10.27.
- Updated the program in a folder with extra. pictures.
- To reduce the size of the image is compressed as much as possible, bringing together the 1 2 dvd images of editors and additional material from the loader.

Notes to the assembly and useful recommendations.
1. The assembly set is not activated, so activate it after installation.
2. services, processes and components of Windows are left by default. Do not deleted or changed.
3. Revised combined into one image with standard developer tools from Microsoft WindowsADK KIT.
4. To reduce the size of the image is compressed as much as possible.
5. In the assembly of integrated the updates that can be integrated into the image. Some updates may be installed only on actual installed system, so after installing the system will have to install several updates manually from the Update Center Windows.
6. Built-in anti-virus "Defender Windows" and UAC (User Account Control) is quite slow down the system. By default, they run. Disable them or not, you decide.
7. The image of the system can still be reduced if removed from her extra. the material, which will place it at 4 GB USB flash drive.

System requirements:
- 32/64-bit (x86 / x64) (for 32-bit) or 64-bit (x64) processor (64-bit systems) with a clock speed of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher;
- 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit systems), random access memory (RAM);
- 20 gigabytes (GB) (32-bit) or 25 GB (64-bit systems) of hard disk space;
- DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver version 1.0 or higher.

Checksums image:
MD5: 45D7597E9B909F2B5A60484B7345AD8D
SHA-1: 13B7FD03C647351AFA651DB4268C81DB15E74665
CRC32: 4EE4E9E4

Date of issue: January 2015 (integrated update)
Build version: 1 6.1.7601.17514 Service Pack Build 7601
By assembling: OVGorskiy®
Language: Multi (Russian)
Bit: 32/64 bit (x86 / x64)
Treatment: Included
Size: 4.34 Gb

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Windows 7 Ultimate Orig w.BootMenu by OVGorskiy 01.2015 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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