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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

32-bit and 64-bit Windows® 7™ with integrated updates, decorated in light-blue and semi-automatic style 2 install DVD. Includes a package of programs, themes, images, desktop, gadgets, etc., i.e. almost all to start working with the system after installation and provides the ability to check the computer before installation. The Assembly is designed for those who wish to obtain a nearly ready system for operation after installation.

Assembly based on the official image MICROSOFT MSDN:

Internet Explorer 11 x86/x64 EN final with updates,
- update December 2014 important and recommended.

Applications that are installed automatically when you install the OS:
? Package design system ""New Look 3 v13.06.16" from Smarty.
? WinRAR 5.20 ru x86/x64
? Adobe Flash Player IE
? Adobe Flash Player Plug
? Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514.0 x86/x64
? Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Final RU x86/x64
? CCleaner 5.00.5050 x86/x64
? Defraggler 2.18.945 x86/x64
? Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5 EN
? DirectX (June 2010)
? Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10 Ru
? Microsoft Visual C++ 2005- - -2013 x86/x64
? Java SE Runtime Environment 8u25 x86/x64

All changes in the assembly, integration updates, registry tweaks, adding the material produced by standard means of Windows AIK. Applications are installed by post-install internal OS installer.

1. In connection with the integration of software and updates OS installation lasts a long time (35-60 min.), But in any case faster than install updates via the Internet, so be patient.
2. Who said package excess, there are other assemblies, such as this one.
3. In the assembly used in more modern and faster boot from Win8.1, which supports compression and is fully compatible with Win7.
4. The efficiency of assembly is guaranteed only when installing on a "clean", ie during the installation of a boot the computer to a clean formatted partition (disk).
5. The most reliable and error-free installation is recorded to DVD, provided high-quality recording media and fully operational drive.
6. Due to the fact that the installation image is compressed in the install.wim image install.esd need to apply the program to create flash cards that support this modern format.
The easiest method is to use software Windows7-USB-DVD tool or Rufus 1.4.10 on computers with a standard BIOS and MBR file system.For computers with UEFI and GPT disks only suitable program Rufus with a choice of relevant parameters and formatting flash drives in FAT32.For use other programs to create a bootable USB drive only answer you. Do not use the UltraISO To create a USB drive as it does not understand compressed images!
7. In the assembly of integrated the updates that can be integrated into the image. Some updates may be installed only on actual installed system, so after installing the system will have to install several updates manually from the Update Center Windows.
Important! One after installing the system do not swing update error 800706F7, you need to uninstall the update KB3004394. It's not a build error and pack microsoft.

Changes in the way the OS:
· Show "My Computer," "Control Panel" and IE11 on the desktop,
· Show "Run" in the start menu,
· In the "file" added "to open the file with Notepad", "Move to ..." and "Copy to ..."
· In the "Computer" added "device management"
· Show hidden files and folders,
· Show the file extension,
· Changed the site search on google in IE11,
· network location "Home",
· security settings "recommended",
· automatic updating is disabled, you can enable later,
· regional settings and keyboard by default "Russian",
· time zone +3 "Moscow" (change +4),
· Added more background pictures for your desktop, change of the Welcome screen,
· Added more gadgets, screen savers, themes, user avatars.
· Disable UAC.
· Services, processes and components of Windows are left by default. Do not deleted or changed.
· Semi-automatic installation (leaving the possibility to enter your data, select and format the partition).
In the Boot OS installation directly there, Memtest86 + memory test and validation HDD Victoria.
Additionally the DVD contains a picture of the cover of the DVD and poster Assembly.

Unlike previous versions (NL2):
1. Package design systems are replaced by New Look 3.
2. Integrated updates on December 2014.
3. Added a few new styles and gadgets for your desktop.
4. The package libraries .NetFramework 4.5 is replaced by the version 4.5.2, which replaces version 4.0 and 4.5.
5. Added an update for .NetFramework 3.5.1.
6. Updated programs with automatic installation, added a few new ones.
7. The image is compressed to reduce the maximum size.
8. The updated test program from the boot menu MemTest86 + to version 5.0.1 and up Victoria v.3.52.3 Ru.

Description package design New Look 3
Package design for the Russian version of Windows 7 SP1 RTM
General description:
Package corrects all errors found localization of Windows 7, which have been preserved and SP1 (except for well-known bug with the bar in the Start menu). Just pack the font dialogue leads to the same size - 8pt.The package design is made from almost "native" Windows 7. The resources added to the image dialog, replaced some of the old icons, changed the login screen.The package is implemented use the Tahoma font and Segoe UI interface system.The visual style of Aero roundness replaced all angles (corporate identity package)! The package contains two visual styles - Aero and Soft, who have options with the date under the clock in the system tray and undated, with straight or rounded corners of Windows. The package in this Assembly is installed with a set of fonts is Tahoma. Different from New Look 2 pack soft and not navyazchivye flowers.
Warning: after installing the package on the system disk folder will be created "W7P_Backups" original backup system files. Do not remove it to be able to remove the package later!
Grateful Smarty package for the development of the OS design, themes and styles. PainteR of visual styles (oszone).

Activating the system:
To activate the system, use your license or think about its acquisition.
People are not satisfied with this option, use an alternative. After installing the operating system on the desktop
the folder appears "Activator" and follow the next instructions.
1. Turning off the Internet and anti-virus (if installed)!
2. Open the folder "Activators" on the desktop.
3. Run the file "Windows 7 Loader 2.2.2.exe" Hit Install, and wait until it appears on the successful activation and the need to reboot.
4. Hit reboot after reboot check the result.
5. If you are not successful, repeat step 3 again. The result is almost 100 percent.

Minimum system requirements:
- 1 GHz processor (32 or 64-bit for x86, 64-bit for x64);
- 1 GB RAM for x86 system, and 2 GB for x64;
- 25/30 GB of free disk space for x86 / x64;
- Video card with support for DirectX 9 or higher with 128 MB.

Checksums images:
MD5: 8F8581AC80296485CBE16FD2396BEE36
SHA-1: 0D502AC933DA35D4994B286EA06783DDE2B3D292
CRC32: 488364D9

MD5: E259376962863E408754CD190B68AB4D
SHA-1: 26AFC4342B43CA3533DA90AA7D2A7B962E10D772
CRC32: 5BE16D67

Date of issue: December 2014 (integrated updates)
Resolution: 32/64 bit (x86 / x64)
Developer: Microsoft
By assembling: OVGorskiy®
Language: Multi (Russian)
Treatment: Included
Size: 2.90 Gb | 3.59 Gb

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/x64/RUS/2014)

Download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x86/RUS/2014)

Download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 NL3 by OVGorskiy 12.2014 (x64/RUS/2014)

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