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Windows 8.1 Pro Optimization by 43 REgion 5.12.14 (x64/RUS/2014)

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Windows 8.1 Pro Optimization by 43 REgion 5.12.14 (x64/RUS/2014)

Assembling made on the basis of the original image. At the time of creation of the Assembly installed all the latest updates on 5.12.2014, in the amount of 60 pieces. Initially, in the Assembly of integrated update directly in the image, 99 pieces, then the Assembly was transferred to the audit to clean, leaving only relevant updates. The Assembly gathered with the help of the deployment kit and evaluation of Windows (ADK) Windows 8.1 v1.0.

The Backup folder, cleaned in the audit of the first regular means, then using DISM. The File Install.wim, exported to a file Install.esd,for greater compression. The Assembly is completely cleaned of debris after the audit mode. At the final stage of installation (Post-Install) system rastilayutsya and optimized,are used. Reg files.

Tweaks and Reg-files
To disable the debugger to speed up work
Disable "Shortcut to" when creating new Shortcuts
To remove the Label "Rogramme default" from the start menu
Assistant to disable desktop cleanup (Desktop Cleanup Wizard)
Remove automatic search for network folders and printers
Speeding access to local folders
Acceleration and optimization of the interface
Disable search on the Internet when you open a file with an unknown extension
Disable the option "search the Internet" in the "open with"
To remove the tracking failure
Do not send an error report Internet Explorer
Disable the service "NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing"
Disable remote registry access
To accelerate the opening of this computer
Acceleration Start menu
To reduce the delay of the falling out menu and open miniona
Fast shutdown and restart
Disable the service "system Restore
Disable Messenger service (to stop spam. does not affect MSN or Windows Messenger)
To disable the indexing service
Disable the service "NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
To disable support for smart card Smart Card Helper
Disable the service serial number of portable media devices
Turning off the proposals to set the Internet connection
Ban error reporting
To remove the tracking failure
Speeding access to local folders
Disable notification about new programs in the start menu
Assistant to disable desktop cleanup
To disable the Recent items menu in the start menu
Getting to store data in memory instead of the memory pages on your hard disk.
The kernel runs directly into memory and does not load different modules from the hard disk
Lifting of the ban on access to the upper 2 GB of memory.
As a result - reduced fragmentation block segments.
As a consequence - reduced virtual relocation segments.
Tweak the priority of the CPU-this translates into a faster response to your actions.
To disable short name creation.
Disable and encryption.
To prohibit the use of compression attribute for all files.
AitAgent and ProgramDataUpdater IS adaleine!!!
Autochk - Proxy IS disabled!!
The Customer Experience Improvement Program - here is everywhere the collection of additional
data about the system, which are then passed to Microsoft - removed all the jobs from the
in this folder!!

It reduces the time to start the disk check at system startup (Scandisk) to 2 seconds.
Default 10 seconds.

Do not track time last accessed files and folders !!
Do not send to Microsoft error reporting.
Disable update Windows Media Player through the Internet to save bandwidth, and not only !!!
Disable checking free disk space (will not be yelling at disk little place!).

System clean not activation,on the desktop the activator!!!and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.3 Final

After preparing the distribution downloaded from under BIOS or BOT MENU, Expose a bootable DVD or USB continue as usual.

System requirements:
Processor: 1.5 GHz or higher.
Recommended RAM: 2 GB
Free hard drive space: 20 GB
Drive: USBDVD-drive
Monitor: Resolution 1024/768 or more
Graphics card: DirectX 9 support and 128MB of memory.

CRC32: 5A5F5FE9
MD5: E3C4E213AE0BEC5DA90B7A348150A63F
SHA-1: 354A101A6A4D7340B992B59F680929DE9C93D2CA

Graduation Year: 2014
Build version: 5.12.14
By assembling: 43 Region
Platform: x64
Language: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 4.24 Gb

Windows 8.1 Pro Optimization by 43 REgion 5.12.14 (x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 8.1 Pro Optimization by 43 REgion 5.12.14 (x64/RUS/2014)

Windows 8.1 Pro Optimization by 43 REgion 5.12.14 (x64/RUS/2014)

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