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Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

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Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

With the build more than anything was not removed and not cut (except for those components that are described). The new icon pack. A new set of Wallpapers for the Assembly. Fresh update in the system. Disabled logging, the logs in the Assembly. This will improve the performance, and at the same time all of your tracks will not. The bat file can run an unlimited number of times. He can be added to the schedule and all cleaned. It is very convenient. New cursors. Fresh WPI. Optimized for both work and play.

Based on the original image of Microsoft:

Disabled / Deleted
- UAC (User Account Control)
- Remove the old themes, wallpapers of them, left the subject with Aero,
- Removed samples of music and video.
- "Maximum" is replaced by "Ultimate"
- Removed the "Shortcut to"
- Standard electronic gadgets
- Backup folder is cleared
- Cleaned up WinSiX
- Driver Modems, Printers, Scanners, TV Tuner cards useless.
- Removed all languages except Russian. (Other languages are available through Windows Update)

- File extensions enabled
- Folder SSD Mini Tweaker 2.4 (x86) (x64) (who ssd)
- Automatic restart when the conductor fails
- In context menu integrated Administrative tools, folder options, network connections, registry editor, task Manager, copy to folder/move to folder.Become an owner for files/folders
- Box contents unsigned not disturb
- DirectX library updated
- On the desktop, a folder to restore the standard interface

Integrated Software
- Update DirectX
- USB Save Remove 5.2.4
- Microsoft Visual c ++ 05-08-10-12-13
- O & O Defrag Professional 18.0.39 Pro
- Unlocker 1.9.2
- HashTab
- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.1
Reg Organizer 6.55
(The rest of the software of your choice on the desktop WPI)

IMPORTANT: Recording on DVD
Two assemblies go together with WPI.
But the x64 version has more weight and cannot be written to DVD.(Unless you got some 8.5 Gigabyte disc)
If you use the disks for writing Assembly, you should remove the Assembly WPI x64.
To do this, open the image follow the path $OEM$-$1-USERS-Public-Desktop and locate the folder "Build software WPI" - delete it and save the changes.
For me it is not critical, as I use a flash drive to install the Assembly.

The procedure for recording to a USB flash drive
1. You need to download Wintobootinc
2. Be sure to do it via a bootable USB flash drive (even if you already boot)
3. Mounted my build or unpack to any folder. (that is, open the image of my build, and copy all the contents to a USB flash drive)
4. Even if you have a bootable flash drive definitely see paragraph 2.. there have been cases when
I wrote about the fact that I can not install. Installer, or running, or contained errors.

Treatment procedure
It is not necessary, use the activator from DAZ. If the activation fails, use the activators on the desktop.

System requirements:
v 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor with a clock speed of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher;
v 1 GB of memory (RAM);
v 16 GB of hard disk space;
v DirectX 9 Graphics device with WDDM driver version 1.0 or higher.

Image x86:

CRC32: 43D0CF77
MD5: EFD028D41D5B7A6B220804E31667161E
SHA-1: DDDE0BA35733DF259C27E2E7AD70AC633C89B1D3

Image x64:
CRC32: 5B933C1A
MD5: D80CE6B001510F922BD4EC6E2E3F5DA3
SHA-1: 6322B87340F60B4515931632AC663F4CEF3C8726

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate MoN Edition 4.01 (x86 / x64 / 2014 / RUS)

Platform / OS: x86-x64
Developer: Microsoft®
Graduation Year: 2014
Interface language: Multilingual
File format: iso
Activation: not required (activator DAZ)
Size: 4.24 Gb/5.41 Gb

Download x86

Download x64