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USDownloader 23.09.2015 Portable

Category: Portable software / Software | Added: 09/24/2015, 1:33 | Downloads: 472
USDownloader 23.09.2015 Portable

USDownloader - A manager for optimal download speeds of different files, the most important advantage of the program is that you can save to your hard drive data to file servers,a list of which is very huge, described in more detail if it is worth noting Letitbit, Depositfiles, FileFactory, Turbobit, TurboShare, Upload, and many others.The peculiarity of this program is that you do not have to wait for about a minute or a lot more to get a link on which is already possible to go directly to the load.

Many exchange offices in order to get a link to download, you must enter a verification code. In the program USDownloader integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR).If the system copes with the recognition code, the program operates in fully automatic mode. If not, the program operates in the so-called semi-automatic mode, must manually enter the code into a special window. Here comes to the aid program and Cap, with which managed to make recognition of the code where it is not consulted built-OCR. This is the main difference from the original assembly program.

How to use:
1. Download the latest version
2. Unzip (right-click on the downloaded file - extract to the current folder)
3. Run USDownloader with green icon - the ball
4. Click "+" button on the main window
5. Insert the link (or a few links with the window itself will increase), which must be pumped and choose where to save the file. Click "OK"
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all links
7. Click "Start" button (the button "Play")
8. The program will upload files

Build recommended that you install to a new directory, or to copy the directory with the already established USD, delete all folders / files. Leave can only file USDownloader.lst (list of downloads).Do not leave the file USDownloader.ini (program settings), or automatic recognition may not work !!!

Changes in version 1.3.5 09/23/2015:
* Updated sourceforge_net.plg, gdrive.plg, boxnet.plg from jackag.
* Updated the script ag_ru.lua from B3T6.

Graduation Year: 2015
Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: English + Multilingual
Activation: Not required / Portable
File size: 11,61 MB

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