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Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 Final RUS Portable

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Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 Final RUS Portable

Tor Browser Bundle - Browser for anonymous web surfing by routing and encryption of traffic on a distributed network of servers.Tor Browser Bundle prevents monitoring of Internet connection and the user to obtain information about what sites are visited, as well as hides all visited hosts information about the physical location of the visitor.

Includes Tor software and properly configured browser Firefox. The package does not require installation and can be used with any media, including a removable (USB drive, etc.).


Open the folder Tor Browser from the directory where you saved the files. Double-click on the application «Start Tor Browser.exe». Soon it will appear Vidalia.Once Tor will start automatically opens Firefox. Through Tor will take only the web pages visited by using the installation package included in the browser Firefox. On other Web browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, Tor is not the action will apply.

Before visiting any pages, make sure that your browser in the lower right corner says "Tor Enabled".To reduce the risk, do not run the standard Firefox while using the Browser Bundle, and before close all open windows before a standard browser Firefox.At the end of the Internet and close all open windows Firefox. For safety reasons, a list of Web pages you've visited, and all cookies are deleted. At the Tor Browser Bundle will be automatically shut down Vidalia and Tor.

Remember that Tor anonymizes the origin of your traffic and encrypts all traffic within the network Tor, but it can not encrypt traffic between the Tor network and its final destination.If you are communicating sensitive information, you must pay the security as much attention as you would through a standard Internet connection - use HTTPS or other way to end encryption and authentication.

Changes in the Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3
All Platforms
◦Update Firefox to 38.3.0esr

◦Update Torbutton to
◾Bug 16887: Update intl.accept_languages ​​value
◾Bug 15493: Update circuit display on new circuit info
◾Bug 16797: brandShorterName is missing from
◾Bug 14429: Make sure the automatic resizing is disabled
◾Translation updates

◦Bug 7446: Tor Browser should not "fix up" .onion domains (or any domains)
◦Bug 16837: Disable Firefox Hotfix updates
◦Bug 16855: Allow blobs to be downloaded on first-party pages (fixes
◦Bug 16781: Allow saving pdf files in built-in pdf viewer
◦Bug 16842: Restore Media tab on Page information dialog
◦Bug 16727: Disable about: healthreport page
◦Bug 16783: Normalize NoScript default whitelist
◦Bug 16775: Fix preferences dialog with security slider set to "High"
◦Bug 13579: Update download progress bar automatically
◦Bug 15646: Reduce keyboard layout fingerprinting in KeyboardEvent
◦Bug 17046: Event.timeStamp should not reveal startup time
◦Bug 16872: Fix warnings when opening about: downloads
◦Bug 17097: Fix intermittent crashes when using the print dialog

• Windows
◦Bug 16906: Fix Mingw-w64 compilation breakage

• OS X
◦Bug 16910: Update copyright year in OS X bundles

Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 Final RUS Portable

Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 Final RUS Portable

Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.x (32/64-bit)
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 42,11 Mb

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