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HyperSnap Portable 7.29.07 32-64 bit RUS * PortableAppZ *

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HyperSnap Portable 7.29.07 32-64 bit RUS * PortableAppZ *

HyperSnap - One of the best tools for capturing images, allowing to copy not only the standard windows programs, but also games, screensavers and video.With this program you will be able to take a screenshot of the entire screen of the monitor, its parts, a specific program window (with or without the cursor), games and screensavers (running in DirectX and3Dfx Glide), video and DVD-movies and save it in one of more than 20 formats, including BMP, GIF and JPEG.Among other features of the program - editing and GIF- JPEG- files, creating screenshots automatically at specified intervals, preview, printImages and other. The program is highly configurable and has a handy interface + crack will allow you to fully enjoy the program and assess its capabilities.

HyperSnap allows you to take screenshots of all major modes. It can shoot images as the entire Windows operating system, Windows, and the individual elements of the window (menus, buttons, bars, etc.), Captures images of the games, working on technologies DirectX, Direct3D and 3Dfx.Also screenshots can receive images from scanners, digital cameras, connected to a computer on the protocol TWAIN.The program has built-in functionality to handle image files. There is also a function of when the screenshot is done using a voice command received via a microphone connected to your computer.edit the resulting screenshots. The auto-scrolling allows you to capture long image (eg www-pages long).

Key features:
- Technology «TextSnap» - capture text for editing, even in cases where conventional copy function does not work (there are problems with the Cyrillic alphabet)
- Tools for capturing, editing and image manipulation
- Support for three games DirectX, OpenGL and Glide
- The possibility of adding images to stamps, watermarks, additional frames, shadows, and file uploading to FTP
- Automatic substitution of colors
- The ability to capture frames of non-rectangular windows programs
- Capture images using hot keys
- Automatic scrolling of pages, in cases where they do not fit on the screen
- Integration with the Windows clipboard for easy insertion of images into any application
- Automatic saving of personnel in various file formats
- An integrated component of the image viewer and converter for 20 different formats
- Customizable user interface

Released: 2015
Operating system: Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 32-64 bit
Language: Multilingual
Activation: Sew
Size: 6.97 Mb