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Lucas Chess 9.01 Portable Multi / Rus

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Lucas Chess 9.01 Portable Multi / Rus

Lucas Chess one of the best chess training programs, the aim of which is to play chess against the computer with increasing levels of complexity (using different chess programs, socalled chess engines, different strengths) and a limited number of tips that gives chess coach.

In addition, the program includes thousands of prepared products, such as various types of endgames, tactical combinations and chess problems, ranging from mat to 2,3,4 or more strokes.

- The computer uses different chess programs (so-called chess engines) of various forces. The user begins to play against weak at first sight engines.Initially, the engine plays with limited power, but if the user wins more games engine will give more time for the calculations and its strength will increase.Eventually, the engine will reach its maximum power level and if the user continues to win, it will be passed to the next stronger engine and so on.And even if you schitaeteb that you are close enough to win the next World Cup in chess, I can promise you that the inclusion of engines will not run out of steam quickly. The most powerful engines are also included in this program, such as Rybka and Stockfish.
- To overcome the level you must defeat the engine twice, once with white and once with black pieces. With each win the game is your personal assessment increases.The higher the level, the more points you get for won the game. Engines are arranged in groups. Each group includes engines such forces. The basic rule for changing engines - you have to collect a lot of points

- If you do not feel close to a victory for the world crown in chess (yet), there is some good news. You get some real help.Lucas Chess comes with a chess tutor. Coach watches your moves. If you make a mistake, the coach will be the first to tell you and offer the best move.Then you can choose to make the best move instead. For example, if you have not noticed a mate in three moves, be sure that the coach will tell you.
- How it works? As already mentioned, Lucas Chess contains a very powerful engines such as Rybka 2.3.2a (by Vasik Rajlich), Critter, Stockfish.Note that this is currently one of the strongest existing chess programs (see. CCRL for evaluating chess engines).Not only can you play against Rybka, you can also use Rybka as a mentor, which means that you get as a coach grandmaster. You may notice that some of the engines are not easy to win in this really strong mentor.
- So what happens if the coach sees the moves, stronger than yours? Very simply, a dialog appears with three chessboards displayed on separate boards
* Your own move (from the coach's assessment)
* The course offered the coach (from the point of evaluation of the coach)
* The expected course of your opponent (in terms of the assessment of the enemy)
- In the dialog box you can choose whether to make their own course or the course proposed by the trainer.
- Does it mean that you can turn off your brain and let the instructor do the work? No, it's not so simple. The number of tips from the coach is limited.In addition, when you start winning, and the level of the engine is increased, the number of tips is reduced.Playing with the engine at the highest level means that you will not get more tips from the coach. Sometimes it can be a good lesson: see hint trainer and choose their own course.If you reject the offer of coach, you do not use the tips and hints is the number of remaining. Thus, you can save the clues and use them on when you need them urgently.

- Including a large number of training positions. You can try to find a solution on their own, and if you can not find it, then the coach will help you.
- Includes 50,000 chess problems (starting with a mate in 2hoda) by Eduardo Sadier.
- Many prepared positions (various endgames, tactical combinations, other problems of chess)
- In the Utility menu you will also find the option that allows you to play against any engine of your choice, regardless of your current account (and even use a coach).

- You can follow the games of the Grand Master with the option: Play like a Grandmaster
- In addition, the view PGN (a file format for storing chess games).

Unpack the archive on top of the previously installed program, agreeing to replace.

March 13, 2015 - Version 9.01:
Fixed some bugs
* This version fixes some bugs related to the use MultiPV with low value high, which leads to frequent freezing program, it affects the game against any engines File-Elo, Fics-Elo, Tourney-Elo and games as a GM.
* Files with the positions to work with the "task of the day" have been changed.
* Some translations have been completed: Arabic, Portuguese (BR), Spanish, French, Polish, Vietnamese.

Lucas Chess 9.01 Portable Multi / Rus

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Activation: not necessary
Size: 42 Mb

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