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MInstAll Portable

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MInstAll Portable

MInstAll - Utility to automatically install the required application and after performing certain actions can be considered as a simple analogue of WPI.Plus the application is that it is portable, is entirely in Russian, all settings are understandable, it is possible to create profiles, sorting programs for groups covertly run programs.

• Sorting programs for groups
• Create multiple profiles
• Manual keys for various types of installers
• Set of icons from both the installer exe-file and from ico-files
• Sort sequence groups and applications
• Hidden running applications
• Two modes of operation: "Setting" and "Edit"
• Lock mode editor
• Auto Start settings for the default profile
• Include and Exclude Options
• Spec. a profile to run portable software

In "Setting" portable program can be run by double-clicking in the "Edit" will open the editor. The "Set" is hidden when the sidebar and in the context menu items do not have to edit. Mode switch button in the upper right corner.

To add a new profile, there is a special function in the context menu. The names of ini-files profiles, for convenience, you can rename as you like, you can store them in a subdirectory Profiles, exception file minst.ini, it should be as close to MInst.exe it is both a configuration file.

Changes in MInstAll
• Small changes in the description.
• Added "pulling" window description for the form.
• Added status icons for tips.
• Added link button in the URL, displayed in the edit mode for all applications in which the specified URL.
• Added transition to edit mode by pressing Alt.

MInstAll Portable

MInstAll Portable

Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64-bit)
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 12,59 Mb

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