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Mozilla Firefox Portable 38.0a1 RUS 32-64 bit DC 2015.02.23 * PortableAppZ *

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Mozilla Firefox Portable 38.0a1 RUS 32-64 bit DC 2015.02.23 * PortableAppZ *

32-64 bit separate assembly
Mozilla Firefox - Without a doubt the best web browser of all time. It is fast and reliable, easy to operate and well protected free browser. One of the main advantages of the browser Mozilla Firefox - Flexibility and extensibility. Simple and concise, but at the same time user-friendly interface allows you to master the program within minutes. It can be found in the assembly of the RUSSIAN * PortableAppZ *!

Optimized for multi-core processors. In this form of the processing of all pages and the user interface is used, only one CPU core, all other cores are idle and do not participate in the working of browser (exceptsituations with the implementation of plug-ins).Despite attempts to use multithreading and relocation beyond the main event loop operations such as decoding of images, video and sound implementation of the networkoperations and I / O on a single-threaded subsystem remain DOM (Document Object Model), the functions of formation of the window contents, HTML parsing and executing javascript, ie for processing content can be involved only a single core CPU.

Predictable memory consumption. The long-running processes, with constant memory allocation and deallocation of different size increases with time, and fragmentation is increasingly small "holes" on the previously releasedobjects that are placed interspersed with blocks of memory occupied.In a situation request memory to allocate a new object often has to request new blocks from the operating system, despite the presence of a sufficiently large number of vacant areas ininternal "pile", whose size is less than the requested alone unit.In the case of the processing of web-pages the different processes employed process memory blocks after the completion of a fully given back to the operating system, rather than remain in "reserve" enshrinedfor one process in the hope that this memory is needed in the future.Thus, treatment of each tab is a separate process may result in a significant saving of memory (shared data between processes are not duplicated through mapinga uses only one copy) and getting rid of the problems with the constant growth of the size of the process.

Protection from failures. In the case of going beyond the permissible boundaries of the buffer or in the event of another emergency situation by using single-process handling model, the collapse of the process will close all windows andtabs. When processing each page in a separate process, in case of failure to close only one tab, not affect the performance of the browser as a whole.In addition, this approach will make it possible to simplify the diagnosis of the causes of the collapse and allow to see exactly which site and which operation has led to the problem.

Improved safety. Processing of each site separate process allows the isolation of the associated code on other sites and handlers of code that provides an interface operation, which in the case of performing differentprocesses can not intersect. Modern operating systems allow the transfer process in the "low rights mode", in which blocked access to a large number of system resources.In the case of exploitation in such a process, malicious code is limited in its capabilities and be able to go beyond the "sandbox." To make the attack in such situations require operation of another vulnerability in the more privileged to manage the process.

Recall that Australis is notable for considerable simplification and unification of its interface elements. In particular, abolished the possibility of creating their own panels, all icons amendments moved in the main navigation bar (the status bar is removed), there was a single, unified menu.

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Release date: 2015.02.23 at the time of assembly
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 32-64 bit
By assembling: Foxx & Bernat PortableAppZ
License: free
Language: Multilingual
Size: 39.89 Mb / 41.27 Mb