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Atlantis Word Processor Portable (Ml | Rus)

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Atlantis Word Processor Portable (Ml | Rus)

Atlantis Word Processor handy text editor with advanced options Clipboard.In addition to standard formatting features have the ability to change and letterspacing interline distance, and the vertical offset symbols. The editor has the ability to change the panels with a single click, and opportunities to work with an independent clipboard.

The program supports formats RTF, MS Word 6.0 / 95/97/2000 / XP (DOC), Atlantis Encrypted Documents (COD), MS Write (WRI), TXT (Windows ANSI and MS DOS). In Atlantis Word Processor there is also a handy feature to convert units of measurement, such as feet to meters and vice versa.

Atlantis Word Processor is able to meet a wide range of needs:creating and reading documents many of the popular formats (including DOC or DOCX), opportunities for text formatting, advanced clipboard, document archiving, encryptiondocument a variety of patterns and styles, newspaper columns, footnotes, powerful search function on the document, AutoCorrect and more.

The program also supports many small amenities such as customizable auto-correct typed text.It is also worth pointing out that Atlantis Word Processor is capable of spell checking.The program has a fully customizable interface (similar to Microsoft Word older versions) and supports opening multiple documents in separate tabs, and includes many kinds of display modes document.

Key features:
It works with documents formats RTF, MS Word, MS Write, TXT
Save any document as an e-book
Avoid accidentally dialed repeated words
Support tabs to work with multiple documents in one window
Archiving documents
Mode "Web document"
Create and manage all components of complex documents in
Newspaper columns
Change Line and letterspacing distance
Headers and footers
Advanced options Clipboard
Footnotes and endnotes
Backup files
256 bit encryption text
Native file format COD
For most teams provided the soundtrack
Proofing (Russian language is supported)
Fully customizable menus, toolbars, hot keys, colors and sounds
The small size of the distribution
Sending documents by e-mail

Features Portable:
The registered version
Install Russian-language spell check
Translated into Russian © Boomer
This program is fully autonomous and does not depend on the system in which it was set.The program can be moved to any location within the system or to carry on a flash drive, the ability to connect to another computer with the operating system Windows. On the program will not affect movement

Atlantis Word Processor Portable (Ml | Rus)

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Treatment: not required
Size: 16,4 Mb

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