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SeKum BookStudio 1.0 Rus Portable (RUS)

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SeKum BookStudio 1.0 Rus Portable (RUS)

Software package SeKum BookStudio It allows you to easily and quickly create electronic information tools and export them to various e-book formats (EPUB, FB2, MOBI, AZW3), documents (CHM, PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT), web-site (HTML), in a separate program for Windows (EXE) or Android (APK).

SeKum BookStudio Used for creating and editing a variety of e-books and textbooks. The book can be composed of an unlimited number of chapters, sections and subsections.With this program you can To create SeKum BookStudio any information products in electronic form: books, manuals, guidelines, dictionaries, encyclopedias and many other e.After you create books in one click you get the book to you in the required format: DOCX, HTML, PDF, CHM, EXE, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, AZW3, EXE, APK.

Features SeKum BookStudio:
• Styles. You can define different text styles, and use them to quickly format the text.
• Tables. Various tables including nested. Spreadsheets can help to create page layouts.
• Links. You can make references to Internet pages or any other documents.
• "Ribbon" interface similar to interface of the program Microsoft Office.
• Additional єlementy. Inserting images, files, special characters and formulas.
• Preview. Quick view books created in the program SeKum BookReader.
• Text with different visual effects (different fonts, bold, italic, underlined, crossed out characters, characters with a dash over it, sub- and superscripts, etc.).
• Paragraphs with different visual effects: bulleted / numbered no / alphabetical lists, borders, background color, alignment, indenting, line spacing, etc.
• Working with text styles.
• Use tables.
• Creation of Internet links.
• Quick view books created in the program SeKum BookReader.
• Fast assembly into electronic documents (CHM, PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT), electronic books (FB2, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, EXE) or mobile applications (APK).

The program can create books in different formats:
• RTF - One of the most common text formats. Supports the text formatting, images, links ... The disadvantage of this format is the lack of easy navigation through the book.
• PDF - PDF format is a de facto standard in the exchange of business documents. The program for reading documents in this format is quite common and can be downloaded free of charge.
• HTML - Allows you to put the material generated at the site. Is a set of HTML pages, images and some service files, with which you can create a tree of content.
• DOCX - The basic format of the program Microsoft Word® - perhaps the most popular of text editor.
• CHM - In fact it is a set of HTML pages compressed. It is often used as the reference system in the software. The main advantages of this format: the small size of the e-book; Use the index and full-text search.
• TXT - Plain text without formatting (plain text).
• EPUB - format based on XML. It allows publishers to produce and distribute digital publishing in a single file, ensuring compatibility between hardware and software necessary to play unencrypted digital books and other publications floating layout. "
• FB2 - open format based on XML. FictionBook Supports most popular programs and devices for reading books.
• MOBI - The format used in free software MobiPocket Reader (available for Windows, as well as on mobile platforms: BlackBerry, PalmOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile).The main "consumer" in the form of books MOBI is a family of readers Amazon Kindle, which is, in fact, the only non-native formats supported.
• AZW3 - proprietary format Amazon, used them in their families reader Kindle (AZW supposedly stands for Amazon Word).
• EXE - The most common and convenient format. The advantages of this format: do not need to reviewed program to read - it is already built into the book itself; complete all formatting preserved.Disadvantages: The only drawback - a large enough file size, at the expense of already built-in programs for reading.
• APK - Format mobile applications on Android. You get a book in a comfortable shell with the ability to spread through GooglePlay and without the need to install additional software.

SeKum BookStudio 1.0 Rus Portable (RUS)

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 20 Mb

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