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Blumentals WeBuilder Portable 2015 13.2 + PHP Interpreter RUS * PortableAppZ *

Category: Portable software / Software | Added: 02/10/2015, 2:25 | Downloads: 478
Blumentals WeBuilder Portable 2015 13.2 + PHP Interpreter RUS * PortableAppZ *

Blumentals WeBuilder - Editor of the web - pages with syntax highlighting HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI and Perl.In addition to Web page editor includes a built-in web browser, file manager and FTP client. The program offers a variety of tips for different programming languages, allows replacement of the code in many ways, to verify the correctness of tags, etc.

Program features:
• Edit HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, ASP and Ruby code
• Get started quickly with the integrated wizard HTML and CSS
• Fully customizable editor, menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts
• Effective use of multiple code fragments found
• Built-in FTP-Manager
• Create and edit page templates and snippets
• Easy to learn and use interface
• Syntax highlighting HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML
• Syntax highlighting ASP.Net, C # .Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL
• Support for Unicode (UTF-8)
• Debugging PHP-code with the integrated debugger PHP-xDebug
• Saving and opening files on the ftp-protocol
• Project management
• Work with databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase
• Search and replace with regular expressions
• Check spelling in a html-code and txt-files
• The "code folding"
• Ready-to-use page templates

New features and enhancements:
• Improved text editor (updated text selection behavior of undo and redo)
• Improved Code Explorer with filtering feature
• Improved search for text and files
• New CSS definitions: IE8, Firefox 3, Safari and iPhone
• Greatly improved Project Publishing dialog
• One-Clicks publication on the Internet of all changes
• Improved stability and compatibility of FTP and SFTP
• Auto-completion of parentheses and quotes
• Improved Color Picker
• Updated syntax checking for PHP in real time
• Support for PHP 5
• Support for custom PHP libraries
• Strong support javascript
• Preview in Internet Explorer 8
• Many small but significant improvements
• Support for the new Windows 7
• Improved performance and stability of the program

WeBuilder is an application that provides a complete all-in-one web code editor for all your web document editing needs.Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI, Perl code faster and easier thanever, while integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate and deploy your code in an efficient and sophisticated manner.Whether you are a professional developer or pure enthusiast, with Rapid PHP editor you can get your job done faster, save your time and increase productivity.Features include syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML and Perl, script function hints, auto complete, built-in File and FTP Explorer, project management, built-in Web browser, integration with Web server, code explorer, find and replace in files, multi-item clipboard.

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows All
Interface: English, French, German, Hungarian, Russian
Activation: Included
Size: 37.05 Mb