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Vivaldi Portable Multilingual (RUS) (Tech Preview) * PortableAppZ *

Category: Portable software / Software | Added: 04/10/2015, 4:38 | Downloads: 457
Vivaldi Portable Multilingual (RUS) (Tech Preview) * PortableAppZ *

Vivaldi - A new Chromium-browser from the developers of the old version of the browser Opera (up to version 15). The purpose of the project - creation of a modern, fast and comfortable browser, in the spirit of Opera 12.That is, the new product is built on a modern engine, Chromium, but includes a number of those same functions for users who liked the old Opera, the one that was up to version 15.In general, the distinguishing feature of the new browser is already integrated set of advanced features that will need to be able and will not cause the problems that can be expected from further extensions installed (although support for additional extensions will also be).

Here's what happens:Company Vivaldi Technologies, which is developing new products for the most part composed of former employees of Opera Software, and is headed by Jon Tetzchner, who stood at the origins of the oldOpera browser and developed not for many, many years. In general, it is clear what to expect from a new project.

Although this version is just a prototype, a technical demo, but the essence of the project is absolutely obvious when you first look at the program.What has been done: the interface is very different from a standard Chromium and similar to the Opera 12.x (see screenshots), a sidebar Preview tab, the ability to disable loading graphics browser settings in a separate window, the innovative function "Quick Commands" (used toa variety of fast action), the function of "Notes" and a whole set of little things. In the future, new-old features significant expansion settings, mail client, innovations.

In general, Vivaldi - an interesting project. In the future, when the project will be more stable, the browser may be interested in the widest possible audience, and at the moment, certainly needs to introduce opera fans and other curious users.

Language: ML / Multilingual
Released: 2015
Activation: not necessary
Size: 33.07 MB