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SpeedyFox Portable

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SpeedyFox Portable

SpeedyFox - A tool that make programs run faster Firefox, Skype, Thunderbird, Chrome, SRWire Iron and Pale Moon. Over time, the paper describes the program becomes slow and it begins to slow down.The reason is fragmentation of profile databases. SpeedyFox utility designed to solve this problem - its method is 100% safe for your profile (ie,to your bookmarks, passwords, history, and so forth.), it is perfectly documented and tested on millions of computers around the world. [cutline]

* Increased speed run 3 times!
* Accelerate browsing history
* In general, faster execution of all operations
* Smaller Profile
* Available for Windows and Mac OS

Using the command line:
/ program_name: profile_name - optimiztsiya specific profile (you can find your name in the tree profiles SpeedyFox)
/ program_name: profile_path - optimization of the user profile (for example, portable versions of supported programs)

Changes in version
Yandex Browser and Google Canary supported

SpeedyFox Portable

SpeedyFox Portable

Released: 2015
Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
Interface English
Activation : not required
Size : 3.03 Mb

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