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Adobe Flash Player Portable Plugins 32-64 bit *PortableAppZ*

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Adobe Flash Player Portable Plugins 32-64 bit *PortableAppZ*

For portable browsers from *PortableAppZ*
Adobe Flash Player - A free, widely distributed a media player to view the files with Flash. Adobe Flash Player - Plug-in for browsers Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera, allows you to play Flash-videos (files SWF). Without this program, the browser will correctly display Web pages and interactive web elements, developed by technology Flash. (Files SWF).

Flash has for a long enough period of time is an indispensable tool for creating presentations, games, web sites, animated films and other add-ons that require richmultimedia content. Typically browsers are set Flash Player automatically, but it is recommended to regularly update the program, since Adobe is constantly improving its development. After installing the plug-in add-ons, you can view a flash animation using the browser ..

Install Adobe Flash Player
Supported web browsers:
• Mozilla Firefox and other browsers based on the NPAPI (NPAPI-version)
• Chromium-based browsers and Opera-based API, Pepper API (PPAPI version)
• Extracted once in CommonFilesPlugins in your PortableApps folder (install to the folder CommonFiles/Plugins-build)

Year: 2015
OS: Windows All.
Language: English.
Size: 15,51 Mb / 16,57 Mb

]NPAPI Flash 32-64 bit Plugin

Download (Pepper) Flash PPAPI 32-64 bit Plugin