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Zoner Photo Studio Pro Rus Portable

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Zoner Photo Studio Pro Rus Portable

Zoner Photo Studio powerful software for organizing, viewing, editing and sharing photos. This is a complete set of tools that can be useful to the owner of digital cameras for storing and editing footage. The program can help you to upload images to a computer, enlarge pictures, and remove the defects.

Zoner Photo Studio will help you to organize a large digital archive, and offers you many ways to print your photos and posting them online.One of the features of the program is to extract from the imagery data on the location of the photographer at the time of the shooting and the ratio of these data with mapping software (for example,Google Maps and Google Earth). In other words, when using the appropriate camera, then the user on a virtual map can not find the place where the picture was accomplished - the company claims that this is a unique feature of the product.

Zoner Photo Studio is a very powerful tool for batch processing photos and re-action.Ability to handle photos in groups evaluate each user, which handles a large number of photos. Nightmare - process, for example, 500 photographs taken during the holidays, becomes a pushover.

PhotoStudio works with most models of digital cameras and includes tools for editing pictures (changing brightness, contrast, color channels, noise removal, red-eye reduction, etc.) Allows you to add text descriptions to images, create folders of photos on various media, etc.

With this program you can also create models of calendars, online photo galleries. PhotoStudio also includes tools for creating three-dimensional and panoramic pictures.On the ninth version uses completely new software kernel which allows you to work with 16-bit images, the ability to create DVD-albums, expanded functionalitytools for Web publishing and has held a number of improvements. archive contains everything you need to complete the program.

• Import Images
Support: all types of digital cameras, including mass Storage device USB high capacity and Canon, view by TWAIN interface , a global search on the Web images and receive data from the Clipboard. Support for transforming photos in Canon RAW format (CRW).

• Photo editing and tools Extensions
All You need to enlarge the photo and delete the image defects:Edit color, sharpness, and histogram levels; shadow brightening; Red-eye reduction, noise, and chromatic defects; Editing perspective, horizon, and collinearity; Stamp analogue; cyclic shift rotation {}; cropping; packet processing.

• Image Effects
Stunning mirror effects: blast, painting in oils, old photo, pencil drawing, halftone, dye effects, and more. Frames, envelopes, soft shadows, transparent border, and more.

• Manage Your Digital Archive
Descriptions, text and audio notes, keywords, and cataloging of external media devices(CDs and digital video disks). Searching, filtering, and sorting; file operations; batch renaming and conversion.

• Unlimited Possibilities for Printing and Posting Photos
Print using graphic templates; export jobs to print in format PDF; gallery network; optimization of photos for sending by email; burn CD/DVD, including an external viewer; recording format VideoCD; slideshow ,including transition effects

• Support GPS
GPS navigation devices are becoming a regular feature of daily life.Therefore, the program Zoner Photo Studio once again complemented by support for assigning geographical coordinates of photos with automatic connection with known GPS devices and then displays inon-line and off-line maps. Photos, complemented by precise localization, receive regular benefits, which are suitable not only for tourists but also the employees of companies and organizations, working with cameras in the field.

• Web Galerie
There are many special programs for creating web galleries HTML, however, Zoner Photo Studio includes this feature in the basic price versions of Home and Professional.You can very easily create a gallery of HTML, using a visual wizard with an automatically generated according to pre-formatted templates.You do not need to possess any information about software code sites but, despite this, you can quickly and effortlessly create a well-designed site with your photos.On the set of HTML images can be immediately viewed in Internet browser, save it to disk or directly recorded on the desired address via FTP.

• Batch operations
Zoner Photo Studio - a very powerful tool for batch processing of images and repetitive actions.Ability to handle photos in groups evaluate each user, which handles a large number of photos. Nightmare - process, for example, 500 photographs taken during the holidays, becomes a pushover.

You can achieve striking effects:
""" when you create panoramas
""" when you create 3D images
""" when converting to grayscale and other manipulation of color
""" when correcting flash
""" when you create paintings and antique photographs
""" adding waves and grain
""" making pictures frames, lines, muted shades, etc.

""" support for all types of digital cameras (USB Mass Storage and Canon)
""" scan via TWAIN, downloading images from websites
""" advanced screen capture and transfer data from the clipboard
""" convert ("call") format Canon RAW (CRW)

All to improve your photos and removing image defects:
""" edit exposure with levels and curves
""" edit colors, sharpen, clarify shadows
""" remove "red-eye"
""" reduction of noise and chromatic defects
""" correction of bochkoobraznoj and prospects
""" aligning the horizon and converging lines
""" tools for retouching: clone stamp, hair iron, brush and shading, rotation, and bleed
""" batch operations with photos

Zoner Photo Studio Pro Rus Portable

Year: 12.2014
OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
Interface language: Multilingual
Tablet: Present
Size: 71.3 MB

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