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iSendSMS + Portable

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iSendSMS + Portable

iSendSMS - program designed for sending free SMS and MMS to mobile phones cellular operators in Russia and CIS. When using it, you no longer need to memorize a lot of sites and operators to spend time on a visit, this program solves this problem and can significantly accelerate the time to send messages.

The undoubted advantage of the program iSendSMS is base operators. Because in order to send SMS-ku to a person we first need to go to the website operator, which is used by Your recipient. And since it possible to send SMS/MMS messages. Now, the program iSendSMS automatically detects any Russian operator, and many operators of CIS countries. Also provides an extensive set of features: You can create a list of contacts that later will send the message.

ISendSMS also keeps a history of messages that You send. In order to accelerate the creation of new messages, iSendSMS provides the ability to use message templates. And to automate the process iSendSMS can offer the feature of setting a time will be sent Your message. And, of course, iSendSMS able to translate in translit typed messages to increase long SMS.

Generally iSendSMS can be useful not only to ordinary users, whose needs are limited to socializing with friends, but also organizations, which sometimes requires to notify their customers via SMS about anything. It should be noted that not iSendSMS is intended for mass mailings.

Main features iSendSMS :
• Send MMS (MegaFon and MTS);
• Proxy support;
• Address book with groups;
• Sent message history;
• Message templates;
• Automatic selection of the operator;
• Auto update program and database operators;
• Transliteration of messages;
• Sending fast messages (With appropriate support from the operator);
• The delivery of a message at a specified time (for the operator).

Version from December 23, 2014
Error creating address book in the new profile
Added the ability in scripts to process the HTTP response from the server other than 200

Released: 2014
Language: Multilingual
Platform|OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
License: free
File size: 2.05 Mb / 2.05 Mb