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Stellarium - Desktop planetarium shows in real time realistic 3D image of the sky.The program with the highest realism reproduces what we can see with the naked eye, the lens of a small telescope or binoculars.Stellarium - it's a great tutorial, the program is recommended to parents who expose their children to the basics of astronomy and everyone who loves to watch the stars. Simple and convenient program interface is easy even a child can master.

On the official website wrote that the standard directory contains about 600 000 stars, and there is an additional, which includes 210 million stars, I think everybody understands thatjust unreal amount, you can familiarize yourself with all the stars that are known at the moment.Stellarium allows a fairly realistic view Sunrises and sunsets, it is possible to view the Milky Way, to get acquainted with planets and their satellites.Stellarium interface is very user friendly, there is full Multilingual support settings are not very many, they are apparent from the first, even a child could master control.It allows you to manage time, you can generate the position of the stars, there is an excellent imitation of atmospheric phenomena, you can turn the grid coordinates for all objects you canadd your signature. In general, I recommend to try Stellarium work, I think the most positive features of the program painted, do not forget to leave comments on the product.

Graduation Year: 2014
Platform : Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8
Language : Multi (Multi)
License: free
Size : 129.07 Mb