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Notepad++ Portable 6.7.1 + Plugins *PortableAppZ*

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Notepad++ Portable 6.7.1 + Plugins *PortableAppZ*

Notepad ++ - A text editor (Notepad replacement) with syntax support for many programming languages, running under the operating system MS Windows.This project is based on the component Scintilla (a very powerful editor component), written in C ++ using only Win32 API and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program), is under the GPL.

Notepad ++ - Full finished project, designed to replace the standard "Notepad" MS Windows. It supports most of the syntax of programming languages, and has a large number of additional functions.

Based on a powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad ++ is written in C ++ with pure Win32 API and STL, which allows for a maximum speed of work in conjunction withminimum size of the program.Due to the optimization routine operations as much as possible without losing the convenience, Notepad ++ is trying to reduce the world's carbon dioxide emissions:When CPU utilization is weak, it can reduce the power consumption of a computer, allowing less pollution. In addition, users can set their own rules and minimize illumination for other languages.

Key features:
• Highlighting and folding units, according to the syntax of the programming language
• WYSIWYG (print and you get what you see on the screen)
• User Defined Syntax Highlighting
• Auto-completion
• Working with multiple documents
• Simultaneous viewing of multiple documents
• Regular Expression Search / Replace
• Full support for dragging text fragments
• Dynamic position of Views
• Automatic detection of file status
• Zoom in and out
• Support for many languages
• Notes
• Highlight the brackets when editing text
• Macro recording and execution

The new system UDL2 (User Defined Languge), not only allows you to remove many of the restrictions, but also adds many new features / enhancements, as well as UDL2 you can define almost any language.

Key features UDL2:
1. Adds more groups of keywords (can be defined most syntax highlighting):
- 3 folding group
- 8 groups of keywords
- Group 2 comments
- 1 specific number
- Two groups of operators
- 8 sets of spacers
2. Supports component (Multipart) keywords (eg, "even if" can be defined as one keyword)
3. Spaces are not mandatory, as a keyword separator: Operators, distributors and component keywords may be recognized without delimiters or spaces.
4. Greatly improved support for certain numbers (supports prefixes, suffixes, and additional ranges of characters).
5. Operators and delimiters may have more than one character.
6. The same symbols can be used as comments and statements.
7. Comments and separators support investments (even each other).
8. Improving the comments include:
- Comment rolled
- Note the continuation
- Note starts only at the beginning of the line
9. In the case of several pairs comment determined that public comments by the symbols only with the closest comments with characters of the same order. (For example: C Comment * / / comment + D + /, but not mixed comments + /)

Supported languages:
ASP, Ada, ASCII art, Assembler, AutoIt, BAT, C, C #, C ++, Caml, CSS, doxygen, FORTRAN, HTML, Haskell, Java, javascript, KiXtart, Lisp, Lua, makefile, Matlab, Objective-C, Pascal , Perl, PHP,PostScript, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Unix Shell Script, Smalltalk, SQL, Tcl, TeX, Verilog, VHDL, VB / VBScript, XML, ....

Included plugins (Unicode): Compare, Convertor, Explorer, Light Explorer, Spell Checker, NppFTP , NppExport, Plugin Manager, DSpellCheck

Date: 2014
Platform: Windows All
Interface: Russian
License: free
Size: 4.76 Mb