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Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.2.3 Rus Portable

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Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.2.3 Rus Portable

Mediachance Photo-Reactor a new dynamic graphical editor and effects processor images with absolutely unlimited possibilities and fantastic effects. You no longer need to handle your images using the static method standard editors — effects are applied one after the other after the other, one layer on top of the other. and all that you have done a fully dynamic and always ready to change or permutations.

Photo-Reactor can all this and much more. It is built as a product of the 21st century to edit images, create effects, experimental effects and workbench new tools for creating process, where everything is possible with the use of modern fundamental principles.

""" Create effects that until now were not possible without special software
You have the most powerful tool to create effects that are nearly impossible to create in any normal editor.
The modular nature of Photo-Reactor allows developers to easily add a lot of processing, which would require special software.
You can use in the workflow segmentation images, colorful effects, diffusion, anisotropic morphing and mix them with all other effects and create new recurring workflows.

""" Eternal reuse.
When you work with images, you don't just change one image. You automatically create a "recipe" for editing, which can be easily applied to any other image with just one click.

""" The image is itself an effect
The processed image carries the whole recipe editing. To repeat the effect, all you have to do is drag and drop the previously processed image back to Photo-Reactor by choosing different input files. You can configure it for other users, as well as the fully editable effect or just lock it in the "black box" with your secret recipe. This means that you can upload your photo on the website and other users can use this image to replicate the same effect with their own images!

""" Wrap and share
After you create the effect or favorite processing, you can fully encapsulate the whole idea into a single object, where it is easy to configure which settings can be changed. You can use it just as one effect. You can also share the created effect with others.

""" SDK
Developers can easily use the plugin SDK with built-in generator source code. No need to guess or read the many pages of documents to study — SDK will create for you a fully compilable source, where you simply enter your processing functions izobrajenii. You don't even need to create the user interface.

""" Powerful editing node
The heart of Photo-Reactor lies in a beautifully designed interface. Easy to learn node editor, with easy access to all parameters and responsive to each step.

All very natural and practical. In the left screen image of the selected object, and the right end result. If you change any of the settings on any of the objects you get immediate visual feedback. Everything is fully dynamic, everything can be rearranged tie, group or move at any time. No need for any special skills or knowledge.

One of many great features is the process of simplification. If you've created an effect that you like, you can simply turn it into a qualitatively new effect and even choose the editable parameters of the new object.

Key features:
""" A fully dynamic software where time and sequence of steps is not a problem?
""" Unlimited number of layers and effects that also separate and not in one big heap of layers?
""" Every action or adjustment can be re-adjusted at any time, without returning.
""" You can easily change the order of effects, remove or add new effect at any place and at any time.
""" You can combine effects and steps into new super-effect, add your own controls and then use it as its effect is any other effect.
""" You can apply all this on any image with a single click.
""" You can apply everything you did to one image to multiple images without creating "macro"
""" The image may also be the effect.

Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.2.3 Rus Portable

Year: 2014
OC: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface language: Multilingual
Tablet: Not required
Size: 25.6 Mb

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