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streamWriter Portable "Libitum" Rev. 710 *PortableApps*

Category: Portable software / Software | Posted: 10/13/2015, 2:15 | Downloads: 469
streamWriter Portable

streamWriter - Internet radio recorder.This free app to find, listen to and record music from Internet radio stations essential function automatically find and record desired songs on the many hundreds of stations.Supported formats: * .mp3; * .ogg; * .aac; * .m4a; * .wave, their conversion (encoding / decoding). Creating and editing tags, playlists, video clipping, and many other features.

Features streamWriter:
* Simultaneous recording of multiple streams (MP3 / AAC), how you want, and it allows your connection. Record sohranyaetmya in a folder with the station name - default:
* Automatically record while listening to the song (optional)
* Built-in player with equalizer and streams for playback recorded files (optional - on the external player)
* Separation of the track on the song when it detects silence (optional)
* Writing tags to the recorded files and editing
* The script for subsequent post-processing (coding / decoding / conversion ...)
* Apply effects to recorded songs (SOX, rise / attenuation silence)
* The manual cutting clips retaining the name
* Ability to name tracks in a predetermined pattern (optional - for fully / partially recorded songs)
* Ability to set the template for extracting tags from the stream (if they exist)
* Short tracks (or ads) can be skipped (optional)
* Integration of different audio encoders
* Search for stations and recording of songs by asking: genre / bit rate / type.
* Automatic search for stations working and recording songs from a list of requests (by artist, by song title, ...)
* Auto switch to the ignore list of recorded songs for ibezhaniya re-recording (optional)
* Ability to limit bandwidth for recording (optional)
* Ability to set the template for the file is automatically recorded (full / incomplete) tracks to display a preview (genre, artist, ...)
* Multilingual (English, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian)
* Program can be installed or used in portable mode
* The program is conducted in the background monitoring streams assigned to servers to keep track of names.This allows you to get more names on the network streamWriter and improves your chances of faster and more record songs from a list of your wishes.If you do not want to do it (for example because of the low bandwidth), disconnect / change the setting in the menu using the File -> Options -> Community -> Enable monitoring
... And much, much more!

Optional add-ons are installed (if it is necessary to choose: Options - Supplement):
* Support for OGG encoding using OggEnc
* Support for encoding using LAME MDE with
* Support for AAC encoding FAAC via
* Support for applying effects to recorded songs using SoX
* Support convert files to M4A AAC container
Supports read / write tags with AudioGenie

streamWriter "Libitum"
- streamwriter, Rev. 710 - 11.10.
* Data flows are now managed using HTTPS

Release: 2015
Language: ML / Multilingual
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8 32-64 bit
License: Does not require
Size: 3,33 Mb