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Studio Discs 1.25 RUS Portable

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Studio Discs 1.25 RUS Portable

Studio Discs new program for fast burning CDS, DVDs and Blue-Ray disc with many extra features. Studio Discs allows you to burn an audio MP3/WMA discs, create DVD video with interactive menus, work with ISO disk images and more.

Key features:
• Record all kinds of discs, including startup.
• Creation of music and video discs of high quality.
• Convert DVD to AVI, MP4, MKV, DivX, etc. formats.
• Comfortable working with disk images: creating and burning images.
• Gonapinuwala, clean and quick overwriting RW discs.

Fast recording files to disc
With the help of the program "Studio Disk" can write to disk any information quickly and efficiently. Save documents, music, videos, programs, installers, games and other files on the drive with one mouse click! The product allows you to record a new disc from scratch, append data, and create a disk with autorun. In addition, "the Studio Disc" handy to back up the information on your PC, to avoid unwanted loss of files (for example, in the case of system failure or virus attack)

Convenient recording music
You are a lucky owner of a rich collection of music? Create from it a real digital archive in the "Studio Disks". The utility allows you to easily record MP3 and WMA discs, containing up to 10 hours of music! The recorded CD can be used to play them in any music center audio player, the receiver or to give to friends and acquaintances. Enjoy your favorite tunes at any time convenient for you!

Record movies on DVD discs
Now record the movie on DVD in high quality can even novice user. Just insert the media into DVD burner drive, select the video files to burn and start the encoding process. Program for writing disks, you can use interactive menu DVD. You can edit it according to personal preference: choose a beautiful design, add graphics, titles, etc.

Clearing and overwriting disks
Your disk has accumulated a lot of unnecessary information, but to take it apart? You can clean the disk with one click! In just a few seconds you will have a blank disc ready for recording. Thus, the software allows to erase, record and store an unlimited number of times. In addition, you can easily append the disc if there is already stored some information without damaging it.

Work with disk images
"The Studio Disc" includes all necessary tools for working with disk images. For example, if you wish to prolong the life of the optical disc and to insure against accidental loss of information, you can create a virtual image, and further save it on your computer. Program to burn discs, also supports creating ISO image from files with the possibility of entry. This is useful in cases when a blank disc at hand, and writing can be done later.

Convert DVD and Audio CD
Forget about the problem of incompatibility of formats! Now you can easily download your favorite movies and music from CD to computer or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and play anywhere. The software also has the function of ripping DVD videos and Audio CD, by which you can convert to disk files in the desired format. However, this does not apply to the disks copy protected

Studio Discs 1.25 RUS Portable

Released: 2014
OC: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Multilingual
Activation: do not
Size: 19 Mb

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