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YoWindow Unlimited Edition 4 18 Build Portable ML / Rus

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YoWindow Unlimited Edition 4 18 Build Portable ML / Rus

YoWindow a useful tool to display the weather forecast, it is unusual and unique program with the help of it you can not look at the numbers to determine the weather, because all weather conditions are displayed on a beautiful image exactly to the location of the sun.

In the setting of YoWindow can enable startup programs, choose to display dashboards (interactive timeline, the panel forecast, the inspector, to activate the animation weatherpicture). If we are interested in not only the air temperature, then the screen should display information on the temperature range (for what it is and what she is feeling) picture of the sky, wind, pressure, humidity, precipitation, visibility, time of sunrise and sunset, the longitude of the day and phase of the moon.

It also set the number of days to display the projections, landscape (default is the "Village"), units of measurement (Fahrenheit, Celsius, miles, meters, units, etc.).As soon as we get away from the computer and will be read by a number of minutes, the screensaver will automatically turn on and the screen will again bring down the snow. And even if the court of the end of March, still gladdens us YoWindow his magic picture.

Features YoWindow:
* Full control over the weather.
* Watch the weather forecast was a time that you need.
* The current temperature is near the system clock.
* Personal support weather station

YoWindow Unlimited Edition 4 18 Build Portable ML / Rus

Released: 2014
OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Activation: do not
Size of archive: 15 Mb

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