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WinRAR 5.20 Final Portable by PortableAppZ Rus

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WinRAR 5.20 Final Portable by PortableAppZ Rus

WinRAR - One of the most popular archivers. The fact that it supports the backup format RAR, no need to explain. In addition, the program can work with archives ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE 2.0, BZIP, JAR, UUE, GZIP, BZIP2 and 7-Zip, while it has many very useful features - encryption, support for continuous (solid) archives, in which the compression ratio can be10 - 50% more than the usual methods of special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, support of multivolume archives, and many others.

Program features:
• Full support for RAR and ZIP archives
• Using the original high data compression algorithm
• Availability of a graphical environment that supports drag and drop (drag & drop)
• Ability to use the command line interface
• Manage archives of other formats (CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, TAR.GZ, BZ2, TAR.BZ2, ACE, UUE, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z)
• Support the method of continuous backup for better compression
• Support of multivolume archives
• Create self-extracting (SFX) conventional and multivolume archives with a standard or optional SFX modules
• Ability to recover physically damaged archives
• Ability to create and use of recovery volumes, allowing to reconstruct missing parts of multivolume archives.
• Support for Unicode encoding in filenames
• Additional functions (data encryption and file names in the archive, add comments archival, management protocol error)
• Use a third-party registration interface in the form of individual topics

What's New version 5.20
1.If User Account Control in Windows user accounts (User Account Control, UAC) prevents teams to retrieve or archive in the creation of files in protected system folders, WinRAR triesrun another copy of your administrator to complete the operation. To allow the launch of a second copy of WinRAR, you must confirm the improvement of the access rights in the request UAC.
2. You can drag and drop files in Windows Explorer with the right mouse button in any folder and select the command from the context menu of WinRAR archive, to create an archive with these files in the destination folder.
3. Keep WinRAR settings can not register, but WinRAR.ini file. This can be useful if you intend to install WinRAR to removable media such as a USB-flash drive, then used on different computers.
See. Details see "File WinRAR.ini" section "Configuration Parameters" in the Help WinRAR.
4. Added support for unpacking ZIP archives and ZIPX, using XZ compression algorithm.
5. If a ZIP archive or ZIPX contains any compression algorithms other than the usual "Store" or "Deflate", algorithm names are displayed in the "Version to extract" in the window with information about the archive.Algorithms whose names WinRAR does not know, will be shown as "m", where "number" - the numeric identifier of the compression algorithm.
6. In the Windows context menu for files, which supports formats of WinRAR, available command "Open in WinRAR". It can be disabled by using the "Open in WinRAR (for ordinary files)" in the WinRAR settings in the "Integration", the button "Context menu items".
7. Version RAR command line can read is the default set of keys from rar.ini file in the folder with the RAR program.Previously, with the line "switches =" can be set only set of keys, one for all teams RAR. Now, through the file rar.ini can specify their own set of keys for certain commands.
The syntax is:
- Switches_ =
For example:
- Switches_a = -m5 -s
- Switches_x = -o +
8. Team "ch" supports -tl keys, -cu, -cl also for ZIP archives. Previously, with "ch" could use these keys only for RAR format.
9. If the archive format does not have time information file (for example, formats such as .bz2, .xz and .Z), for extracting WinRAR files, sets the modification archive container.This does not apply to the formats tar.bz2, tar.xz and tar.Z, in which information about the time of files are stored in the headers tar.
10. The "Do not delete files, extracted with errors", is now supported when you unpack bzip2 archives.
11. WinRAR icon in the context menu of Windows properly scaled to the screen mode with high DPI, for example by increasing the font size to 150% or 200% of the standard.
12. You can now disable the command in WinRAR "Benchmark" with the variable "the Benchmark" in the key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWinRARPolicy registry.In mnogopolzovatelskomokruzhenii use of this command may adversely affect the joint computing resources. See. Details in the section "Registry variables" in the "Configuration Parameters" help WinRAR.
13. In addition to the variable "sfxcmd", containing all the command line, SFX-module sets the variable "sfxpar" only with command line parameters, without the name SFX-Module at the beginning. These variables are set up to run the program specified in the command "Setup".
14. When you are prompted to overwrite the console version of RAR file shows the size and the modification of existing and new files.
15. When archiving from stdin (-si key) RAR sets modification time of archived file to current system time. The previous version did not establish the time at all.
16. You can now use -si and -v keys together. Previous versions were not allowed to create volumes when archiving from stdin.
17. At the beginning of decompression 4GB file size and more of the RAR or ZIP archives on the partition with the FAT 32 file system, issued a warning that the user can cancel the operation, because FAT32 does not support files of such a large size.
This warning is also displayed before the creation of RAR-archive by the "No compression" (-m0), if the expected file size is 4 GB or more.
18. The button "Select All" in the "Settings / Integration" was renamed to "Toggle all". Now she takes notes with formats, if they have already been selected.
19. The "Delete archive" when removing correctly removes all volume .zip and .7z. Previously, only the first volume of the set was removed when working with these archive formats.

WinRAR 5.20 Final Portable by PortableAppZ Rus

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: not required (portable)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Interface language : Multilingual
Size: 10 Mb