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Light Alloy 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable

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Light Alloy 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable

Light Alloy - compact multimedia player. Supports all common multimedia formats. The main feature - ease of use and at the same time, the variety of settings.

Player is optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system. Fast rewind video, can load subtitles, can minimize to system tray, can adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation, makes screenshots, supports multimedia keyboard, allows you to make a bookmark in the list / to set the mark on the timeline, lets you select audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films, has full support for DVD.

Key features:
• Has built-in video/audio codecs
• Highly optimised visual interface for speed and convenience.
• Supports almost all multimedia formats: AVI, DivX, MP3 and others.
• DVD support (only with installed MPEG-2 decoder).
• Can take screenshots from movies.
• Optimal control of video: the scale, angle, brightness, contrast, sharpness.
• Speed control rollback ago.
• Play in window or full screen at the specified resolution.
• Ability to play broken AVI files (or partially downloaded).
• Automatic detection of the necessary codecs.
• Special keyboard and mouse.
• Support for filters AVISynth.
• Playlist with bookmarks.
• Multilingual interface:.
• Included English, German, French, and other languages.
• Subtitles support: *.SUB,*.SRT,*.SSA.
• Optimal control of subtitle: the location of the font, color, transparency, background.
• Useful information OSD(On-Screen-Display).
• Multiple themes: website can download much of themes.
• Support multi-audio media.
• External audio tracks.
• Support for common plug-ins WinAMP.
• Built-in video.
• Extensive support for multimedia buttons and system buttons.
• Support for infrared: (WinLIRC).
• Support Drag-and-drop.
• Support command line parameters.
• Quick information in the context menu.
• Additional Pereybere audio signal.

Changes in version:

Settings->Keyboard: new command in subtitle section - *to Copy the current line to the clipboard* (useful if you teach languages and want to quickly copy the current visible line of the subtitle).
Settings->Bundles: the ability to remap multimedia keys.
Settings->System: option to automatically check for updates (on by default)
About the program: a button to check for updates.
Table list: added tag
A small optimization.
Playlist now saves its width automatically display in full screen mode (previously depended on the option).
Auto-update settings is limited to version >= 4.8.7 instead of >= 4.7.8
Settings->List->Misc: removed option *remember state of the list (open/closed)*, now is memorized automatically.
Settings->Video->Screenshots: *Overlay information OSD* and *Display subtitles* now can be used independently from each other.
Was broken countdown playlist.
Disappeared the curb when you maximize the window.
Fixed issue with second mode of remembering the state of the panels.
The preview on the timeline using the middle button was broken.
Fixed a crash of the player with the search box in the playlist.
Fixed player hang after you delete playing file.
Fixed adding similar files to the list.
Fixed other minor bugs.
The table on the list could sometimes not be created.
On some DVDs, not always correctly worked the full-screen mode, if the option was the appropriate option.
For DVD button play/pause did not work as intended.

Video Engine:
Support for two subtitles on screenshots (previously only one subtitle was displayed).
HEVC: support for crop/fps information.
MPEG: support for HEVC in MPEG-PS.
MP4: improved seeking by keyframe.
Updated codecs.
Improved fast forward the subtitles.
AVI: on some H264/HEVC/MPEG2 tracks are not shown, the value of fps.
FLV: corrected calculation of fps; for HEVC video fps exhibited.
MP4: fixed A/V sync on some files.
DVD: not always worked on the transition of the scenes menu on some DVDs.
Fixed crash player to interlaced video is disabled when a hardware adjustment of the color observed on the Radeon.
Subtitles fixed output of text subtitles on VMR-7 RL.
Would not properly display the subtitles in the screenshots.
For the function *package screenshots* generated incorrect timecodes.

Information about the software:
Year / Release date: 2014
Title: Light Alloy
Version: 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable
Platform / system: Windows all
Language: ENG / RUS
Treatment: not required
Size: 97.63 MB

Light Alloy 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable

Light Alloy 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable

Light Alloy 4.8.7 Build 1934 Final + Portable

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