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Windows System Control Center Portable

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Windows System Control Center Portable

Windows System Control Center the shell program combines two respected and prolific producers, comfortable and beautiful replacement to the package Sysinternals Suite and NirLauncher. The presented set is used for various purposes and not just come in handy, especially because due to compactness, it is easy to carry on your USB or download re.

Depending on the purpose of both utility developers are divided into classes, there are also links to run some built-in Windows. Each program comes with a brief description, and icon and a link to the help file (if any). In the WSCC has a "favorites" search in descriptions of programs.

Exterior shell can be a little change, leaving only the icons instead of descriptions or switching to detailed table view. Equipped with an integrated console for easy commands with parameters. WSCC is a free product for personal and commercial use.

Additional Information:
WSCC will prompt you to download the selected program from the developers ' websites. The initial download of the entire set might take 10 minutes as the files are being downloaded one at a time, and a lot of them. Some applications have a 64-bit version, you can install them further and activate the option start instead of 32-bit. WSCC is ready to work with portable devices. Thanks to the update module (enhanced in release 2.0), you can check the availability of new releases of applications and download them. Simple and intuitive user interface.

Features portable version:
Portable version requires no installation, completely Russify.

Windows System Control Center Portable

Released: 2014
OC: Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Language: Multilingual
Treatment: not required
Size: 20 Mb

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