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Listsp New 9

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Listsp New 9

Very powerful Manager processes and services. Despite his diminutive size, displays details about all the drivers, processes and services that are in RAM, and network connections Yes provides absolute control over them. The program is simple, works on both 64 bit and 32 bit OS, portable.

When You are looking for a good process Manager for Windows, one can immediately recall the Sysinternals utilities. However, these tools work separately, each tool works with something specific, for example, TCP View works only with network connections, Process Manager processes, and so on. However, if You want all these features were in the same program, you can try the reporting tool Is a powerful utility that will enable you to control network connections, processes, installed drivers and services in one window. After running the program for a while looking at all running processes and collects information about them. Streams, the consumption of RAM, priority, process ID, title and more will be displayed for each process. You can use the context menu to restore, suspension or closure of any process, set priority, assign the processors to perform actions over the Windows, associated and perform many other actions. Using the context menu, associated with the process a list of open files, streams, strings, Windows, loaded libraries, and other resources to perform on their items different steps, and display various data about them. Work with services like working with processes that differ only by the fact that You are not dealing with processes and with services. Have the ability to run, disable or stop the service. You can also delete any of the services. On the Drivers tab, You can see a table of all installed drivers Yes to delete any if necessary. The Network tab displays a list of all outgoing and incoming connections of Your personal computer. For any connected, You will see local and remote IP and ports, connection state, Protocol and process. Can close any of these connections.

Information about the program
Title: Listsp New 9
Graduation Year: 2015
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Language: British
License: Freeware
Official website:
Size: 2.03 MB

Listsp New 9

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