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Brightness Guide 2.4 (ML / RUS) Portable

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Brightness Guide 2.4 (ML / RUS) Portable

Brightness Guide useful program which aligns the brightness of the photo, brightens dark areas. Brightness Guide allows you to brighten dark areas of the photo, leaving a bright areas untouched. Parameters of clarification can be selected in real time - the changes of the controls is immediately reflected in the photo.

The program will help to improve photos with defects of brightness caused by flash (too dark background), dense shade or backlight illumination.

A set of software tools: Bleaching; Size; Cut fragment; Rotation; Text.
The program includes animated examples photo processing: a simple lighting; brightness control; object and details; the inscription; the horizon.

This program offers the following tools:
- Resize — allows you to change the image size.
- Crop — allows you to cut out an area of an image.
- Text — designed for inscribing images.
Rotation - allows you to rotate an image by any angle.
- Lighting - illuminates dark areas of an image while keeping the light areas intact.

Brightness Guide 2.4 (ML / RUS) Portable

Graduation Year: 2014
OC: Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
Language: ML | Multilingual
Tablet: built-in
Size: 7.14 Mb

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