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Screen Translator 1.2.1 Rus Portable

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Screen Translator 1.2.1 Rus Portable

Screen Translator simple and convenient program for recognition and translation of text on the screen, it's not your ordinary interpreter, for example QTranslate, in contrast, the Screen Translator allows you to translate a text that you cannot select and copy.

This occurs, for example, if the text is part of image (photo, infographic, advertisement), copy text disabled (special protection on the sites, some PDF, DJVU files), the text is a UI element (menus and titles, games).

The principle of operation is as follows:
• The program will recognize the text from the image (Abbyy Screenshot Reader), and then translates it. For optical character recognition, uses an embedded system Tesseract, and the translation online Google. You just select the area containing the desired text, and the app will automatically recognize it and translate into one of 58 languages. The text will appear in the system tray or below the selected area, depending on the settings of the program.

Hotkeys — set up global hotkeys for main actions:
• Capture — mode screen capture (Ctrl+Alt+Z);
• Repeat — repeat the result of the translation (Ctrl+Alt+X);
• Copy — copy the translation result to clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C).
• The result output — method output the result:
• System tray – the result as a message in the tray;
• Window – the result in the form of a window in place of the recognizable area.

Recognition settings recognition of the text from the selected area of the screen:
• Path to tessdata – path to the directory with service files for OCR (Tesseract OCR);
• Recognition language – the language in which to run text recognition on the screen. Possible values are defined by the contents of the tessdata folder;
• Zoom in – zoom in on the image during recognition to improve recognition performance. More is better (within reasonable limits, usually 5 to 10 is enough).
• Translation – translation of the recognition result:
• The result of language – the language into which is translated the recognition result.

• Left click on the icon shows the last translation. Middle — click copies it to the clipboard.
• Since version 1.2 came the choice of language in the mode of "capture". After selecting the area to recognize it is necessary to click with the right mouse button. As a result a menu will appear with a list of available languages. This choice will only affect recognition. The translation will be made in the language specified in settings.

What's new:
* Fixed bug with missing translations.
* Fixed bug use language recognition by default, when you select a different window selection, recognition

Released: 2014
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 209.72 Mb

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