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Norton Security

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Norton Security

Norton Security - An integrated antivirus, built on the basis of reliable security solutions from the company Symantec. The new product includes a set of reliable technologies of world-class anti-virus programs - Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, and replaces them with protection in a single solution.

Norton Security uses 5 levels of computer security, critical data and online activities, including network security technologies such as firewalls and intrusion prevention system (IPS), the technology fileProtection (traditional antivirus capabilities), protection technology based on reputation (Insight) and technology based on behavioral analysis (SONAR).
Many of these technologies have been enhanced protection and / or completely rebuilt from scratch. Consider the main improvements that are already available in the new version.

Main features of Norton Security
• A service for the protection of all your devices running operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and mobile platforms Android, iOS.
• Provides protection against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks.
• Provides protection of privacy, regardless of which device you're using.
• Blocks unsafe websites and suspicious prevents download.
• Allows you to transfer protection from one device to another.
• Allows you to add more protection, if you have more devices.
• It is easy to find lost or stolen smartphones and tablets.

New to Norton Security

New single interface

• The most obvious change is the new user interface. Offering a clean and modern look, Norton Security sets the tone for a security solution that will be used in various versions of the operating system Windows.

The new antivirus engine - 80% cloud

The new antivirus engine to provide real-time malware detection, fundamentally changing the traditional ways of protecting the file.

Key features of the new engine include:

• All intellectual capabilities Symantec - more than 4.3 trillion. Interactions - now used Norton Security protection in real time. Every time you access the file, Norton estimates it using thousands of criteria to identify potential risks and threats.

• Based on cloud technology Norton Cloud, local signature on the disk are now 80% less. This is the fastest and lightest Norton, who was ever.

• Historically, the discovery of new viruses occur when the new anti-virus databases have been updated on the client machine. This process may take from a few minutes to several hours.With the new engine Norton Security information on the latest threats instantly available via cloud infrastructure Norton. This greatly increases the speed with which the users are protected from the latest threat.

Improved protection of intellectual

• Smart protection at boot time

Developers Norton Security understands that speed is important to you boot your computer to quickly start their work or get into the game.But those first few minutes that are available after the computer is crucial: it is the time when your system is most vulnerable to attack by malicious programs.New features help keep track of changes that can lead to infection during system boot. If you find such changes Norton Security will automatically go into aggressive mode boot protection.

• Aggressive heuristic threat detection with the new Norton Power Eraser

In the past few years, Norton Power Eraser received a set of methods for the detection of aggressive threats using heuristics (or "rules of thumb") that allow you to detect unknown threats.The new version of the scanner includes heuristic methods that enable it to identify even the most resistant without increasing false positives.

• Automatic activation of aggressive scanning for the detection of botnets

The new set of capabilities for network monitoring is triggered on suspicious outbound network activity (eg controlled botnet) and automatically prompts users to run the test with the aggressive techniques Norton Security.

• "Smart" technology to protect data leakage

The command ping, using network protocol ICMP, allows applications to check the status of the remote server. It's like a computer application tells the remote Web site: "Hello, are you there?".And this is called "pinging". Many firewalls do not block these useful posts.However, new versions of malicious programs use options for sending data to a remote server using the command ping.This data may include your private information, perhaps even credit card information.Enhanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in Norton Security allows you to skip the usual ping-posts. But the system will block the "non-standard" payload that can be used by malicious applications to send sensitive information.

• Improved exchange of information on malicious web sites with a community of users of Norton Community Watch

Improved Community Norton Community Watch, allowing you to more effectively monitor and share information about malicious websites.This information is used for timely blocking phishing and fraudulent Web sites before attackers will be able to deceive others unconscious providing personal data.

• Protect your web browser to a lesser dependence on plug-ins

Web browsers allow you to add new features and extend protection. It is also possible to create extensions for the most common browsers.Unfortunately, this approach allows attackers to deliver unwanted toolbars and redirect web traffic.To reduce the risk, it is necessary to limit the possibility of plug-ins and extensions to the browser.Thus, in the Norton Security was recycled several security features to work outside of the traditional architecture of browser plug-ins.This increases the scalability of the browser protection that allows you to continue to use features such as Norton Safe Web and Norton Web Protection, without worrying about the browser version.

• Redesigned protection against attacks using social engineering

Attacks using social engineering based on the natural human tendency to trust others when information is presented in a certain way, rather than relyingsolely on the technological means to steal data.The new version of Norton Security majority of security technologies, including Safe Web, Scam Insight, Download Insight and Anti-Phishing, have been modified for better exchange of information among themselves.This exchange allows for certain attributes of Web sites (such as the age of the site, its popularity, the volume of malicious downloads and history of the collection of personal data) to determine the online resources that are currently using social engineering techniques to fraudulent attacks.

• A new generation of technology SONAR

Recycled engine SONAR detects unknown threats based on the behavior of these threats in real time. SONAR now even more effective against virus attacks that use the introduction to the processes of trusted applications, and applications that deliver malicious files into the system.

Increase in productivity

• Performance is optimized for the latest updates Windows 8.x
• Energy saving in battery
• Less impact on the speed of your web browser
• Best-in-class performance in real time

Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
Interface language : ML / Russian
Trial period 60 days
Activation: Trial Reset 60 days
Size: 117.6 Mb

Norton Security

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Norton Security

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Norton Security