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Child Control 2014 14.644.0 RUS

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Child Control 2014 14.644.0 RUS

Child Control - Powerful program with friendly interface, designed to restrict access of users (mostly - children) to your computer, visit their specific prohibited Internet resources. Child Control 2014 - One of the best programs to control the actions of other users on the computer. Parental controls allow you to limit the time and the settings for the computer program, Windows and the Internet.

After you complete the installation, create a password, save it, besides you do not need to run the program constantly to find - came upgrade or not, as the update notification will be sent to your email.
You can also run the wizard, it can be easy to set the parameters of the program.You can set the amount of time your child can access the Internet.When the time comes to an end, the computer will shut down the running applications, and then turns off (this option can also be set in the parameters of the program). You can also set a time when Internet access is denied for a particular user.

Using Internet filters, you can create a list of allowed sites to access and set the security level settings (from low to very high).
It is also possible to change the parameters of access to a computer and Internet connection (to activate the option - break), create white and black lists. The white list is allowed to include in the blacklist - Web sites that should be blocked.

In addition, with the help of Child Control can block access to the command line, registry editor Windows, Control Panel, change the date and time, task manager, click "Start" and others.

Not only are programs and websites can be added to black lists, and users.For example, certain users can set a ban on access to the Internet, browsing the log files, change settings (reconfigure own application if the time limit for viewing Web sites is exhausted, synchronize the date and time using the Internet).

Key Features Child Control 2014
• option is added to the white list of users who have access to a PC;
• possible to set access restrictions (time);
• adjust the time block access to the PC to the Internet for each hour of each day;
• automatically blacklist "malicious" web sites, adult sites containing specified keywords;
• periods of work are defined for each EXE-file;
• The report shall be entered by each user is monitored every action;
• turn off the main operating system services;
• Stealth Mode - program invisible to users;
• White List .EXE files - to determine which programs can run a child;
• White List of web sites - to determine which sites can be visited;
• notifications via e-mail: to see what is happening on their home computer from a remote location;
• In a few clicks you can set the Import and Export settings - sync with other PCs;
• Support of domains and workgroups;
• Customize your own pop-up messages and warnings.

Child Control 2014 not demanding on system resources, and the Internet have the online video tutorials on setting up the program, during the test was not a pop-up error messages.A user who is not endowed with administrative rights can not uninstall the program, to access is necessary to know the password.

Updated: 2015
The system: 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 | 64-bit
Interface: RUS (wylek)
License: KEY
Size: 22.6 Mb