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365 Kaspersky (MR1) Beta

Category: Security | Added: 04/10/2015, 2:25 | Downloads: 543
365 Kaspersky (MR1) Beta

365 Kaspersky (Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus) - Offering protection for the file in real-time, Web Anti-Virus, IM and e-mail anti-virus, as well as cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network technology

365 Kaspersky (Kaspersky Antivirus Free) - Free antivirus and web protection in real-time cloud technologies. The solution includes all the necessary components to ensure basic protection for your PC, important data and online activity on the Internet from the latest threats.

Main features of Kaspersky 365 1/4

File Anti-Virus

File Anti-Virus Kaspersky 365 prevents infection of computer's file system.The component starts upon startup of the operating system, continuously remains in the computer's RAM, and scans all opened, saved or run files on your computer and all connected drives.

Mail Anti-Virus

Mail Anti-Virus scans incoming and outgoing e-mail messages on your computer. Letter sent will be available only if it contains hazardous objects.

Web Anti-Virus

Web Anti-Virus intercepts and blocks scripts on websites if these scripts are a threat to computer security. Web Anti-Virus in Kaspersky 365 also monitors all web traffic and blocks access to dangerous Web sites.


IM-Virus provides security while working with IM-clients. The component protects information that comes to your computer via IM-client protocols. IM-Virus ensures safe operation of various programs designed for instant messaging.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network

To improve your computer's protection, Kaspersky 365 uses a protection from the cloud. Protection from the cloud infrastructure is implemented using Kaspersky Security Network, uses data received from users all over the world.

From Eugene Kaspersky (founder of "Kaspersky Lab"):

This product is free, but not full of holes. The protection from malware compromises are unacceptable and it is just a product for which we do not be ashamed.It is built on the same technology as the paid personal products, which occupy the top places in independent tests. Without the surveillance of the user for advertising and trade its confidentiality. No such garbage - only protection.

The main difference between Kaspersky 365 of paid products "Kaspersky Lab" - limited functionality.But limited enough to provide quality basic protection which is sufficient to counter the most common threats.Do not blame me: all the extra features will sell as before, because programmers salary costs for infrastructure and technology development and other expenses while nobody canceled.

Kaspersky will be 365 only in Russian. As a result of "pilot" will distribute the product in other cultural environments, and in the future - at the global level.

Date of issue: 2015
Language: Multilingual
License: Beta until 12/16/2015
Platform: Windows XP / 7/8/10 32-64 bit
Size: 92,03 Mb