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Unchecky 0.4 Beta

Category: Security | Posted: 13/10/2015, 2:18 | Downloads: 425
Unchecky 0.4 Beta

Have you ever felt that you install software installer trying to get you at any cost to install additional unwanted programs?Ever missed a check, and then spend hours removing unwanted software?Ever open your browser, only to find that you have a new home page, a new search engine, or even a new browser? Unchecky help protect your computer from potentially unwanted programs.

Unchecky automatically uncheck additional programs, saving you time and making it less likely accidental installation of unwanted programs.Installers often try to incorporate the installation of additional programs as a natural part of the installation process.Unchecky warns you when you are trying to agree to the installation of potentially unwanted software, which makes them less likely random installation. I set and forget.Unchecky automatically updated every time a new version, so you do not have to worry about using the current version.

New in version 0.4 Beta

Implemented processing proposals from the browser;
Implemented tooltips with warnings;
Added the function of clearing activity of the magazine;
Added support for Silverlight;
Added support for Kuwo Music in 2015;
Improved support for Java;
Improved support for uTorrent;
Improved support for iTVA installers;
Improved support for installers on the basis of HTML;
Improved support for Novicorp WinToFlash;
Improved support for OpenCandy proposals;
Removed some false positives.

OC: Windows All
Language: Ml / Multilingual
License: Free of charge
Size: 1 MB