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Sticky Password Final

Category: Security | Added: 15-10-2015, 04:08 | Downloads: 470
Sticky Password Final

Sticky Password 7 is the most functional password Manager that provides users with enormous flexibility in configuration.

Sticky Password stores and protects all your personal data (e.g. passwords, usernames, Internet-pagers, contact details, phone numbers, etc.). Sticky Password sticks passwords and accounts with Microsoft Windows programs or web pages for which they are used. All information in encrypted form is stored in the database of passwords, access to which is protected by a master password. Personal data is easily available if password database is unlocked. After launching a web page or program, Sticky Password automatically enters the password, user name and other personal data. Thus, you need to remember one password and do not need to memorize the rest.

By default Sticky Password is loaded at startup of the operating system. Component is embedded in a program that allows you to manage your personal data directly from Windows programs.

Sticky Password monitors the actions of programs with pastorally and prevents interception and theft of personal information. The component checks for programs that use passwords or request a password from other programs and then prompts you to allow or forbid a suspicious action.

Sticky Password allows you to store security and other information. It can be your passport data, numbers of various documents, or license keys for your software, Internet settings – everything is stored securely on Sticky Password.

In addition, Sticky Password allows you to:
Save and use your passwords;
Find accounts, passwords, usernames and other personal information in the database password;
Generate strong passwords when registering new accounts;
Keep all passwords on removable media;
Restore password database from backup copy;
To protect passwords from unauthorized access.

added compatibility with the latest Chrome
added compatibility with the latest Norton Security

Date: Sep 29, 2014
Platform: Windows All
Interface: Multilingual / Multilanguage
Activation: Shack-BEAN
Size: 23.99 Mb

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