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Starus Recovery Software Suite 2015 (+ Portable)

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Starus Recovery Software Suite 2015 (+ Portable)

Starus Recovery Software Suite - This comprehensive set of tools to recover your important files, includes 8 programs to restore data, at what each of them can be used separately to recover a specific file type.
  Composition of the collection: • Excel Recovery 2.1 Final (+ Portable) • FAT Recovery 2.3 Final (+ Portable) • Starus File Recovery 3.6 Final (+ Portable) • SOffice Recovery 2.1 Final (+ Portable) • Starus Partition Recovery 2.3 Final (+ Portable) • Starus NTFS Recovery 2.3 Final (+ Portable) • Starus Photo Recovery 4.2 Final (+ Portable) • Starus Word Recovery 2.1 Final (+ Portable)
       Starus Excel Recovery will recover deleted files spreadsheet formats Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX) and OpenOffice (ODS) . The program combines a fast algorithm to recover deleted files on a thorough analysis of the hard drive searching for files that survived after formatting, system crash or break devices on the partitions. Successfully recovered the entire structure and the contents of the spreadsheet including formulas, graphics, and embedded objects. Starus FAT Recovery – part of most modern removable media. FАT data structure is widely used to store information about files on flash drives and memory cards digital cameras, phones. Starus FАT Recovery one of the most attractive offers in the field of recovery FАT data structures today. With lower price and almost the same features that the product Starus Partition Recovery – the product provides a wide range of professional opportunities. The tool restores the logical structure of the disk, whereby it is possible to recover files even with missing or badly damaged FАT file table. Starus File Recovery - restores files lost after virus attacks, software failures, empty the recycle bin, formatting or removal of the disk. Supporting different storage devices, this tool can quickly restore information from hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards, cameras and mobile phones. The program is very convenient and easy to handle. Built-in "restore files Wizard" allows you to find and recover deleted files in a few easy steps. The program's interface resembles Windows Explorer, which displays suitable for restoring the files in the same folders from which they were removed. This makes difficult the recovery process files accessible to any user. C program Starus NTFS Recovery logical volumes on your disk will be protected from accidental deletion, formatting. More information does not disappear forever, and every bit of data disk is guaranteed to be restored in case of damages and failures of Your NTFS file system. The product algorithm optimized for data recovery from any media under the NTFS file system. Otherwise, if the price is lower, the functionality of the tool Starus NTFS Recovery is the same as the program Starus Partition Recovery. Starus Office Recovery - restore deleted documents in formats Microsoft Word (RTF, DOC/DOCX), Excel spreadsheets in XLS/XLSX, OpenOffice documents in formats like ODT, ODS, ODP, Adobe PDF files, and many others. The search algorithm for content combines low-level disk scanning and search by signatures, ensuring confident restore documents from formatted, damaged and unstable media, and the preview function allows you to choose to restore the latest version of the document. Starus Partition Recovery - Effective partition recovery, software Starus Partition Recovery occurs by means of reconstruction of the damaged structure of the service information in file systems FAT/NTFS. Tool scans any modern digital media on the subject of the remaining of useful information. Based on the obtained data, the program will recreate all logical data structure from scratch. The unique algorithm of the program provides a full range of opportunities for recovery of information and does not require any additional technical knowledge. There are many programs with different capabilities and data recovery algorithms. The main advantage of Starus Partition Recovery is totally secure and affordable data recovery any PC user. Tool Starus Partition Recovery will be helpful to all who are thinking about effective data recovery. The product will restore all the sections and information that can be recovered. Starus Photo Recovery - easy and convenient recover deleted photos from internal memory of digital cameras, memory cards, cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, hard drives and USB flash disks. The program recovers not only accidentally deleted images and photos lost after formatting or total deletion of a logical partition NTFS, FAT. Thanks to built-in fully automatic step-by-step wizard, the recovery of all deleted photos is quite simple and takes just a few taps. The photos you see in the preview, will be restored after program registration. Starus Word Recovery - Recover deleted documents created by all versions of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. Starus Word Recovery supports instant recovery and full disk scan, ensuring confident restore documents from formatted, unreadable and broken again on the disk partitions. Preliminary control of the integrity of found documents guarantee successful recovery.
  Activation: included (serial) Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1 Program page: starusrecovery.EN Interface language : ML | Russian Size: 161 Mb