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WildPackets OmniEngine Enterprise 8.0.2 Final

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WildPackets OmniEngine Enterprise 8.0.2 Final

WildPackets OmniEngine - A system of continuous monitoring and analysis of network traffic in real time. OmniEngine monitors traffic from one or more network interfaces, including Ethernet, 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Wireless, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit. The program collects and analyzes information and writes the data for future inspection.Thanks WildPackets OmniEngine network engineers can monitor the entire corporate network to quickly identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks, including those that are located in remote offices.

Solution OmniEngine runs as a service on dedicated servers, Windows, and the equipment Omnipliance: Expert Analysis and Recorder Appliances.Due to the deployment in the offices of the organization OmniEngine network administrators get an overview of the remote network in real time.Companies that do not have a network engineer for each of his office, can be installed on devices OmniEngine Omnipliance, so that each unit would receive the necessary support and assistance.

Features WildPackets OmniEngine:
• Comprehensive monitoring of network infrastructure, including monitoring and analysis of network traffic 24/7.
• Provide complete visibility routes data packets through multi-segment analysis - the correlation of data from different instances OmniEngines to quickly solve problems.
• An analysis of the traffic of all network segments, including 10 Gigabit, Gigabit, Ethernet and 802.11a / b / g / n / ac.
• Expert system diagnostics, including an analysis of traffic flows and on the basis of correlation between the events and discussions.
• Statistical analysis, in Vol. H. The movement of packages and detailed information about the nodes, protocol and subprotocol.
• Detailed analysis of network packets, including protocol decoding and physical description of the error.
• Expert-level diagnostics applications, conducting customer satisfaction rating and analysis of the response time of applications.
• Full analysis of Voice and Video over IP, including points MOS and R-Factor, a detailed visualization of the packet for each call data record and replay calls.
• Generate notifications for network engineers to potential problems.
• Long-term storage of network traffic for predictive analytics.
• Integration with management software system.
• Implementation of SNMP-traps, alert monitoring SNMP, such as HP OpenView, in the event of network problems.

Issue Enterprise:
• Enterprise - Analysis System traffic from one or more network interfaces, including Ethernet, 1/10 Gigabit, 802.11, Voice and Video over IP.The Enterprise real-time and analyzes the received data, and records the information for further verification.The system provides advanced the Voice and Video over IP, including analysis of media and signals, expert analysis of the video and voice, as well as the monitoring of the entire media network.

What's New in Omni v8.1
• Support for Omnipliance WiFi
• 64-bit version
• TCPDump Remote Adapter support in OmniPeek
• New wireless graphs in Forensics view
• Real-time and post-capture wireless decryption in OmniEngine
• Compass enhancements:
- New Data Rates statistics window
- Add Signal Strength dBm graph
- Add Noise Level dBm graph
- Add SNR (signal to noise ratio) graph
- Add PCAPNG file support to Compass workspace
- Change WLAN statistics view to group by Network Name rather than BSSID
- Bit-rate graphing support

Graduation Year : 2015
Activation: Included (keygen)
Operating system : Windows® 7, & 8
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Interface language : english
Size: 419 Mb