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Sound Normalizer 6.7 RUS Final

Category: Software / Multimedia | Added: 09/24/2015, 2:44 | Downloads: 569
Sound Normalizer Digital Sound Normalizer is designed to improve or restore the volume of audio WAV and MP3 files, and separately for each channel.The volume level is displayed graphically using the percentage value. WAV-normalization is fulfilled on a peak level (Peak Normalization) and MP3-normalization standard Replay Gain.

Replay Gain Algorithm works by using psychoacoustic analysis of the file to determine the perceived loudness.Replay Gain is based on the analysis of mean-Root Mean Square (RMS) and the very MP3-normalization performed on an average level (RMS normalization). This software is easy to use and provides fast and excellent quality results. There is a possibility of batch processing.

The main features of Sound Normalizer:
- Advanced WAV-Normalizer and Mp3-normalizer
- Batch processor for Wav (PCM 8, 16, 24, 32 bits) and of MP3-files
- Converting Mp3 to Wav, using an encoder Lame MP3 Encoder 3.97
- Converting Wav to MP3, using the Encoder Lame MP3 Encoder 3.97
- Support for different (quality / speed) encoding modes
- Additional encoder options
- For the oversampling of MP3-files
- Support preview;
- Support for ID3 v1 and v2 tag (Artist / Title / Genre and so on.)
- A simple, easy-to-use and highly customizable Windows XP-interface
- Support those.

March 15, 2015 - Sound Normalizer 6.7 final version!

What's new?
Improved player.

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Activation: Serial
Size of archive: 8.09 Mb