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Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

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Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

Remote Utilities - This popular tool allows you to organize fast and secure access to remote computers that are members of a domain Windows.Product Remote Utilities is designed to address a wide range of tasks associated with the administration and the provision of technical support.When connected to the client system IT-specialist can not only learn the contents of the screen, but also to capture control of the mouse and keyboard and interact with a remote computer as if he personally was in front of his screen.

The application can be run on the client machine as a service, and offers a dozen different ways to connect to remote computers.Special mention deserves the close integration of Remote Utilities directory service Active Directory, support appropriate mechanisms for user authentication and remoteproduct deployment on multiple workstations.Corporate IT-specialists will be able to deploy the product throughout a corporate network using built-in tools and the installation of the product MSI Configurator. You can create multiple installation packages with different sets of parameters.

The list of improvements implemented in the version of Remote Utilities 5.5, includes support for remote printing.New magazine Event / Connection Log, available on the Panel Viewer, helps you quickly identify the cause of connection problems. A function «RDP over ID», will enable to connect via RDP using a special identifier Remote Utilities.

When connected in the mode of «Power Control» at the disposal of experts would be an additional option "Restart in Safe Mode with Networking."And users who are familiar with previous versions of the product will also note redesigned user interface module «Viewer», allowing to work more productively.

Remote Utilities ™ is multi-purpose remote PC access software that provides easy and secure access to a remote computer. Remote Utilities allows you to view the remote screen and operate its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Remote Utilities consists of the following modules:
-Viewer - A control panel / dashboard
-Host - A remote module for unattended access
-Agent - A remote module for attended access and spontaneous support

With just a single operator license you can administer computers in your Active Directory network and support remote customers over the Internet - all from a single management console.F

Remote Utilities has a variety of security options to ensure the safety of passwords and traffic between program modules.All data Remote Utilities sends over the network is encrypted with secure encryption algorithms (a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key). The encryption is always on and can not be disabled.

Security options include:
-Single-Password authorization and WinNT Security
-Multiple Users and permissions
-IP Filter, which allows connection only from explicitly-specified IP addresses and networks and blocks any attempts to gain access to the Agent or Host from IP addresses and networks not in the list
-A "Shared secret" option, which acts as another password for added security to prevent a Host from being planted on a network computer for the purpose of stealing Remote Utilities passwords
-Protection Against brute force password cracking attempts and DDos attacks
-An Event-logging option that enables you to keep records of all the actions and events of the program
-An Option to lock keyboard input and blank the remote screen either before connecting to the remote PC or after the connection has been established

Changes in version
- Added: Simplified registration system. Now you only need to register the Viewer instead of registering each and every Host as before
- Added: Simple 9-digit format for Internet IDs
- Added: Auto-logon now works for Internet ID connections via RU Server
- Fixed: "Blank remote screen" option now works with "capture alpha-blending windows" option
- Fixed: "Access denied" error when re-connecting to the same remote PC after reboot
- Fixed: Issues with importing records into a synced address book
- Fixed: An issue when the user had to make one extra click in an application window to start typing after switching remote desktops in the Full Control window
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

Released: 2015
Platform : Windows® 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
Interface language: English
Activation : Not required
Size : 15,84 Mb

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