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Right Click Enhancer Pro Final + Portable

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Right Click Enhancer Pro Final + Portable

Right Click Enhancer - Allows you to customize the functionality of your daily needs menu, a pop-up by pressing the right mouse button.The program allows you to create a cascading menu, you add it to the required chips, and then when you click anywhere on the desktop, right-click, will fall this menu, selectan option and forward. If we consider the interface, then it is quite easy to use, has no Russian support, but it's all the little things, as a Right Click Enhancer can work intuitively. After running in front of you is a window with buttons, each button allows you to perform certain operations.

For example there is a "manager of my computer", you can send messages, edit the program to customize the right mouse button to create a new menu, etc ..Again, Right Click Enhancer does not require you money, but really did not set against any additions to the system during installation will come out a new window in which it will be necessary to press cancel.

- Copy To Folder and Move To Folder: When you choose one of the options menu, you browse the hard drive space to copy or move the file to that folder. You do not have to go to a place where you want to insert the file.
- Create or print a list of files: allows you to print or create a list of files in a folder, it is enough to right click on the folder and select one of the options.
- Encryption and decryption: Allows you to encrypt and decrypt files and folders. Files encrypted can not be removed by another user on a PC.
- Open in Notepad: Allows the user to open any file in Notepad, simply by right-clicking on it.
- Open the file located at: Allows the user to open the file location by right-clicking on the shortcut menu.
- An administrator command prompt: Allows the user to open a command prompt with elevated privileges, the highest of any folder, right-click.
- God Mode, and configure the system (Vista or 7): to add additional devices to open the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG) and the famous events of God right click menu of the user.

Right Click Enhancer Pro Final + Portable

Right Click Enhancer Pro Final + Portable

OC : Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7
Language : English Russian
Graduation Year: 2014
Activation : Key
Size : 10,10 Mb

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