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CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 7.0.6901.0 + Rus

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CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 7.0.6901.0 + Rus

PhotoDirector Suite 7 - media package for editing photos and video material, which includes PhotoDirector 7 Ultra, ColorDirector 4 Ultra - modern solution for advanced color correction.PhotoDirector 7 - a unique application that combines everything that you may need in the course of work with photos in a single operation - effective management of photographs, full customization capabilities, and creative editing.

With support for 64-bit PhotoDirector will improve your photos without destroying information, and provide support for the RAW formats of popular DSLRs and output 4K Ultra. PhotoDirector - all you need to turn your photos into works of art.

Software CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 is a comprehensive tool for retouching digital images and manage image files.With this package, CyberLink PhotoDirector novice photographers can transform ordinary photos into works of art.For a more productive work all available features and tools PhotoDirector grouped into three categories.Non-destructive editing environment allows camera owners to experiment with the photographs without having to worry about the safety of the original image. The PhotoDirector includes support for RAW-format used by digital cameras from leading manufacturers.

In the Library the user will find everything you need for managing photo collections. Category Adjustment includes tools for correcting and retouching images.Among other things, it offers amateurs controls white balance, color correction, brightness and contrast, removing the "red eye" and the elimination ofimage defects, and much more. Section Slideshow will bring together scattered pictures into a slide show of professional quality.

Amateur photographers who do not want to deal with the optimization of images by hand, will be able to use ready-made presets available in the tab «Presets».By the way, PhotoDirector is the first picture editor, which allows users to not only create their own profiles, but also to share them with each other directly from the application interface. A wide range of templates can be found at community

Key features:
• The platform is specifically designed for video processing and speeds up the editing process by pictures ready libraries, advanced searches, management tools, image correction process.
• Means of resizing images and improve the quality of the footage.
• Control contrast and color correction.
• Supported file formats RAW.
• Different modes of imaging.
• Using templates and libraries settings online community

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra - A new version of a set of tools for working with digital images.The owners of digital cameras will have a powerful and easy-to-use tools for the orderly storage of images, their careful handling, and share content.Immediately after the launch of PhotoDirector, you can a few clicks on a button in the app available to download digital images and begin editing. During the import process, users can apply special effects to the images ready, add notes, or rename files.
PhotoDirector version 6 contains some interesting improvements.Users will be interested to know that the application since version 5 has learned to recognize and celebrate the human faces in the pictures.This functionality is useful to help organize the contents of the extensive photographic archives, facilitate sorting of images and allows you to quickly find the images with the image of specific persons.Another significant new feature is the "smart" tools to remove unwanted objects. The program automatically removes unwanted elements of the composition, and uses the background pieces to fill the resulting gap.
A new tool called Body Shaper will improve the quality of portraits by accurately changing the shape of hands, faces and bodies, imprinted on people's photos.Recall that in previous versions of PhotoDirector was presented a set of "cosmetic" tools for smoothing the skin, remove wrinkles and defects, and teeth whiteninggiving the eyes a natural shine. With these, any user can easily transform an ordinary picture into the picture on the cover of a glossy magazine.
All user changes are saved as new files, and the original images will remain untouched.Finally, the developers have taken care of the possibility of sharing content with friends and family.PhotoDirector will create high-quality slide shows and publish them on YouTube or convert video file, ready to record to a DVD-ROM. You can also easily print the processed images.

CyberLink ColorDirector 4 Ultra - Professional color correction tools.ColorDirector allows you to adjust the colors and shades, adjust the intensity and the "temperature" of colors, change the color of certain areas of the image based on the motion picture.Available preset color themes, and you can download more from DirectorZone. Whether you're a novice or a professional colorist, ColorDirector give your video a professional look of the film, captured on film!
• A complete set of tools to improve color: Adjusting the temperature and the intensity of the color of your video tools fine color balance and more.
• Creative Color Management: Add emotions your movies with creative themes of color, regional color adjustment with tools to create masks and tracking movements.
• Communication with the Internet community: You can download presets from DirectorZone and share the results of their work on YouTube and DirectorZone.
• Editing with PowerDirector: ColorDirector designed to provide a smooth "round-trip" editing paired with PowerDirector.

Import formats:
• AVI, MPEG-1, WMV, MPEG-2, MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), Canon and Nikon DSLR video files, AVCHD with DDCD audio file (.M2T), AVCHD with LPCM audio file (.M2T), MPEG-4 rate PSP, VOB, VRO with Dolby Digital 2ch, VOB, VRO with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel, MOD (Format JVC Everio Cam = MPEG-2 + DDCD), TOD (Format JVC Everio Cam = MPEG-2 + DDCD + MPEG-1 Audio),

Export formats:
• WMV, MPEG-2 video file with Dolby Digital 5.1, a video file with DTS 5.1 (MP4), M2TS

PhotoDirector 7 Suite offers an extreme blend of features that goes far beyond what you would normally expect to find in photography software.Simplified photo management tools combine with powerfully easy-to-use yet sophisticated adjustment and editing options that offer a complete, end-to-end photo editing and management solution.

Layers are an integral tool in advanced image editing projects. PhotoDirector now lets you create and edit up to 100 layers per image, with 14 different layer blending modes.Layer management tools include: rename, duplicate, delete, adjust, convert and merge, letting you make the exact modifications needed to create a visual tour de force.

Global & Regional Adjustment Tools
- Merge up to 5 bracketed shots into a single (HDR) photo with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal.
- Adjust individual RGB channels to correct tough white balance problems, or to create attractive cross processing effects.
- Draw attention to the focal point of your image by applying adjustments only to that area of ​​your photo.
- Using gradient masking techniques you can create miniature model "tilt-shift" effects for your photo
- Make all your shots crisp and clear, no matter what time of day you shoot. Remove artifacts from shots taken at high ISO, or in low light conditions.
- Choose from a range of photo presets including HDR and Lomo for quick, creative image adjustments.

Body & Face Beautification Tools
The expanded collection of easy-to-use touch-up tools in the new PhotoDirector make it easy to professionally remove imperfections from your portraits, selfies, and group shots.

Pro Blur Tools
- Use the linear, circular, or brush tool to create different blurred regions.
- Choose from one of four shapes to create a unique aesthetic feeling with the Bokeh blur.
- Add zoom or motion effect on photos with the radial and focal zoom blurs.
- Use the EXIF ​​data from your shots to instantly and accurately fix common lens flaws.
- Correct barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration.

With OpenCL Support
With standard photo processing software, working on RAW image files can be a frustratingly slow process at times, but not with PhotoDirector 7's RAW processing technology. With native 64-bit support and also OpenCL integration, editing times are dramatically reduced.

Latest Camera Format and Lens Support
PhotoDirector not only supports JPEG and TIF files, but also a broad range of popular and proprietary RAW file formats from the world's leading digital camera manufacturers.The PhotoDirector team works closely with popular brands to build in RAW support that ensures your photos will be as close to their original quality as possible after importing them into PhotoDirector.

ColorDirector 4
Color grading is an essential tool for making impressions, telling stories, and evoking responses from your video viewers. In ColorDirector this pro-level editing technique is available in an intuitive suite that makes it simple for anyone to master.

Adjust Highlights and Shadows
Add color shadows and highlights to your videos to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression with your viewers.

Bring Out Details in Lowlight
Edge sharpening and noise reduction tools bring out richer colors and better quality for night shots.

Create Dynamic HDR Videos
Apply HDR to your videos. Increase dynamic range to your scenes, bring out the details and highlights of your footage.

Intelligent Motion Tracking
With smart selection tools, you can track motion and isolate objects to create stylistic visual effects.

Operating System:
- Microsoft Windows 10, 8 / 8.1, 7, Vista (32bit / 64bit)

Install Notes:
- Mount the ISO image to install.
- After installation is done, merge the included reg. (Right click and click on merge.)
- That's all.

Operating system: Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10
Graduation Year: 2015
Language: Ml / English Plus Multi (crack)
Activation: Included
Size: 492 MB

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