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Vivaldi Snapshot

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Vivaldi Snapshot

Vivaldi - Quick and simple browser from former employees of Opera Software. The head of the team of the former CEO and co-founder of Opera Software browser Norwegian Jon von Tetchner.It has everything to make your web surfing a simple and convenient tab, group tabs, bookmarks, notes, support for control keys, mail, and so forth.

our history
Our idea was to make a really fast browser that can run on limited hardware, meaning that users are individuals who haveown requirements and wishes. Our little piece of software grows, our group grew, and the community was created.

So we have come to a natural conclusion:
We have to make a new browser. Browser for themselves and the browser for our friends. A browser that is fast, but the browser that is rich in functionality, is very flexible and puts the user first. The browser, which is made for you.

What can you expect?
What you get now is our first technical preview (Technical Preview). This assembly is designed to show the direction of our products.It is not perfect, it's not all as we would like. Some of the key features that we integrate yet to be implemented must be made to optimize. But we hope that you get an idea about our products and what you can expect from us.

- Give us your opinion!
We would like to hear from you the best way to make this product better. We have an active forum where you can give us feedback and to discuss directly with us and with other passionate users.

- Quick Commands
Are you human keyboard? Then you're in luck. Quick command allows you to quickly search through a variety of settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks and much more with the help of keyboard shortcuts.We strive to make the menu Quick Command customizable, allowing you to make your own team and run them quickly.

- Notes
Taking notes during the viewing and add screenshots directly in a convenient panel Notes (Notes). They will automatically remember which site you're viewing at the time and allows you to add tags to easily organize and find them later.

- Speed ​​Dial
All of your favorite sites easily accessible from one place. You can also create multiple groups of speed dial. Organize your sites based on interests such as sports, news and others.Or in other contexts, such as work, school, etc. You can also add a folder as a speed dial entry. It's a pretty powerful feature.

- Grouping tabs
Too much unorganized tabs can be a bit dirty, which makes it difficult to find the tab you are looking for.Organize your tabs by grouping tabs! This allows you to group multiple tabs under one tab. Just drag a tab to another for easy grouping.

- Built on web technology
Vivaldi has a powerful set of features, but that's not all. One of the things that makes Vivaldi unique is that it is based on modern web technologies.We use existing and react to new things, to create a user interface - using Node.js, Browserify and a long list of modules NPM.

- We are working on ...
* Mail
Yes, we are working to mail. That's all we can say right now.
* Execution
Our goal is to be the fastest browser in the universe, but we are not talking about theoretical speed here. It's all about efficiency. We focus on making it easier and faster for you to find things, and Getting Things Done! (Get ready thing!).
* Synchronization
Your notes, bookmarks, history, and the session synchronized across your various devices.
* Add-ons
We want to build a powerful browser packaged so as to minimize the need for extensions. They can affect the performance of the browser and increase security risks. However, we understand you more, so that there is support for extensions. Stay tuned.
* Spatial navigation
Spatial navigation allows you to navigate the Web easily, using only the keyboard.
* Your suggestions
Do you think we are missing an important feature? Tell us. We can not promise to fulfill all, but we will try our best!

• If you hover the mouse over a tab, like in the old Opera. The navigation bar repainted under the color scheme of the page when the tab is active.
• Is Speed ​​Dial to switch between tabs and history. You can add sites to the scoreboard in order Opera, rearrange them by dragging the mouse. Supported by their grouping.
• Are the left column. It has a section Post. While he is not working and promises in the future, but it seems to be like the old Opera House - built-in mail client (which was called M2, and then, like, it was highlighted in a separate product).
• Download Manager in the old Opera. Even download dialogue like the old Opera - she asks what to do with the downloaded files.
• All sorts of different settings. It seems that now it's almost the only browser (could be wrong) of the modern, which allows you to adjust the position of the tabs in the interface. Just like in the old Opera :) Left panel, incidentally, is also configured.

Grouped tabs:
• In addition there are a variety of shortcut keys that can be reassigned.
• Support various search engines (you can add your own).
• Manage cookies.
• One button at the bottom of the panel turns on / off the display of images.
• There is a button Page actions, allowing, to impose on the entire page filter on or off all the transitions.
• Have a list of closed tabs in the Old Opera House
• There Developer Tools (Developer Instrkmenty)

Changes in Vivaldi Snapshot:

VB-4066: Freeze and Crash-Team Blog
VB-3172: Dual Vivaldi icons in taskbar- Standalone Install
VB-2574: Option to turn off google Safe browsing
VB-2874: Translation issue: label "username" overlaps "user"
VB-3362: Opening add bookmark with no search field breaks
VB-3377: Bookmark tree branches - expand
VB-3416: Highlighted bookmarks' folder
VB-3725: Better spatnav focus indicator
VB-3857: Activating full screen on a video takes 5+ seconds
VB-3887: Can not open settings window more than once per session
VB-3923: C ++ javascript communication channel for Vivaldi UI
VB-3949: Pinned tab size in vertically positioned tab bar
VB-1463: Rewind - Unexpected results
VB-3717: Spat nav highlights certain elements when clicking with mouse
VB-4010: Regression: Missing text input
VB-3671: Geolocation message duplicates
VB-4062: Spatial navigation should focus images inside links
VB-4057: Vivaldi crashes on geolocation
VB-4083: Can not set the technical preview as default browser on ubuntu
VB-1534: External links open in Chrome on Mac
VB-3826: Setting to control autocomplete in address field
VB-4090: Folders in the speed dial will not open
VB-3945: Fast forward not working correctly on Facebook
VB-3976: Tab tooltip is not visible when the tabs position is set to bottom
VB-4025: Tooltip for a group of tabs displayed not in the right place
VB-1874: Tab group tooltip has a poor layout
VB-1831: Tooltip animation is gone
VB-1856: Tab tooltips are always shown below tabs ignoring tab bar placement
VB-4082: Delay before preview when hovering over tab stacks is too long
VB-1266: Tooltip gets cropped off screen when in fullscreen

Graduation Year: 2015
Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: Ml / Russian
Activation: not required
File size: 35,35 Mb / 40,13 Mb

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