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Orbitum Browser 39.0.2171.125 MULTi / Rus

Category: Software | Added: 09/26/2015, 2:50 | Downloads: 513
Orbitum Browser 39.0.2171.125 MULTi / Rus

Orbitum Browser browser with built-in chat to communicate with Vkontakte, a Facebook and Odnoklassniki. Orbitum Browser makes the web faster, easier, and most importantly, safe.He quickly load any site and has the usual features. Using Orbitum you will be able to chat with friends and watch sites on the internet at the same time.

Is this possible?
• Yes, and it's very easy! Orbitum shows lists of friends from different social networks in one place, allowing you to quickly read and reply to messages without having to go to the related site.Manage the list of friends is easy: you can quickly switch between the social networks of friends to filter by status "online", create a list of "favorites" to look for the right person, in a single click to go to your profile and more.

Get the most comfortable communicating!
• Is it all quickly and easily? Yes! In Orbitum clean and simple appearance, running it, you will see the usual set of features - nothing more.Orbitum starts instantly, opening sites in the tabs of the window. This allows you to save your computer's resources and your time. With Orbitum convenient to seek information on the Internet. In the search box you can enter the addresses of sites, as well as the usual searches.

Protects you Orbitum my work on the Internet?
• Orbitum designed with everything that supports the safe operation of the Internet.If you try to go to the site, which could pose a threat to your computer, Orbitum notifies you by showing a warning window. Also, it will automatically check for updates and receive information security.

What is the result?
• Orbitum - this is an interesting and progressive browser offers an elegant solution for communicating with friends chatting and surfing the Internet.A nice feature is the open Orbitum feedback, with which you can write your feedback and suggestions to developers. Indeed, this browser - this is more than just a browser.

Orbitum Browser 39.0.2171.125 MULTi / Rus

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Activation: Not required
Size: 42.17 Mb

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