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Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Final

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Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Final

WebSite X5 - The application to create the site of your dreams, do not require special knowledge in the field of web development.Intuitive visual interface of the program enables users to view the intermediate results in real time. It contains hints and tips, easy to use and allows the flexibility to modify the site, starting with the development phase to the posting on the Internet.

• The program does not require knowledge of programming
• Easy to use
• Create your site in five steps
• More than 1000 ready-made templates
• Creating your own templates
• Creating forms for sending e-mails from the site
• Creation of RSS-feeds
• Creating a diverse menu of the website (static, dynamic, drop, etc.)
• Built-in image editor for quick editing graphics on your web page
• Tool color dropper
• Develop a web page using the function "Drag and Drop"
• Create photo gallery
• On demand, you can edit the HTML code of web pages
• Ability to create online shops
• Publish site on the Internet with the built-in FTP-engine
• Grouping of the project to your website
• Compatible with XHTML and CSS standards
• Pleasant, comfortable and simple user interface

The program WebSite X5 offers professional web tools:
• Online store with payment by credit card
• Scaling and panoramic view
• Blog with audio podcasts and video podcasts
• Image Galleries and Videos
• Built-in search engine for the site
• The user area (access by login and password)
• Forms of e-mail anti-spam filters
• Management of advertising
• News and RSS-feed
• Multilingual Websites

Complete solution ("all in one"):
• Editor for template customization
• More than 1,500 professional templates
• Graphics editor
• 6000 exclusive images for free use
• Automatically create a site map and menus
• Libraries buttons and graphics
• FTP-program to host the site on the Internet
• Widgets and HTML-code

All the way from the idea to the finished site is divided in the program on five basic steps:
• General settings.After selecting a project and add general information about the site (such as a description and keywords for search engine indexing site) you can go to the selection of a template for the site.The user can either select any of the 1,500 built-in templates or create your own. Apart from the main style template, you can customize the header and footer of the site.
• Creation of a site map. The program automatically adds the home page, but the rest of the page must be added manually.First, you need to consider what information and how must be presented on the site, then you can begin to create a site map.Sitemap can have an unlimited number of levels and pages. Based on this "map" the program will automatically create a menu to navigate the site. Site map at any time to update.
• Create a page.The process of creating a page of the site is simple and consists in dragging in the table cell of the page layout of existing facilities, such as "text", "Image», «Flash-animation", "Videotape""Audio", "table", "Image Gallery", "form of e-mails", "List of Products" and «HTML-code and Widgets."Each object can be customized; You can also insert links to internal or external materials. The program has a built-in image editor, so when preparing images for placement on the site you can do without external graphics programs.
• Advanced settings. Once the site is mainly ready, you can adjust the menu, text, storefronts, and emails.Built-in image editor allows you to create a "three-dimensional" buttons that change when you hover the mouse over them.In addition to setting the page style, you can use a variety of additional features, for example, to add a welcome page in multiple languages ​​with the soundtrack, custom sections, blog and online store.

What's New Version 11:

Graphical interface and preview mode OFFLINE
• Graphical User Interface - We changed the program interface: the design is lighter, more modern and more functional.The new layout of buttons allows you to use the space more freely and reduce the minimum size of the window. Thanks to these changes, to work with the program and create projects will become much more enjoyable.
• Complete change of the structure of the online help - left unchanged the foundation, we have redesigned the 5-stage procedure proposed by WebSite X5, making it even more logical and functional.For example, all of the functions for managing personalized code and optimization are in the Statistics window, SEO and code in Step 4, and all the features of the style definitions have been moved to Tier 1, as they relate to the process of defining a graphic template.

Graphic pattern
• New management templates - Graphic template is no longer saved as an external file, and becomes an integral part of the project file. This will simplify the process of transferring projects on different computers and management of network resources associated with the project.
• New management templates - Styles menu navigation, text, tooltips, windows showbox and e-mail are now properties of graphic template, not the advanced settings as before: Now when you export your template will be complete in all respects.
• Library of ready-made templates - Library, which includes 1500 graphic templates has been updated. From now on, the library updated automatically via the Internet: in this way we have created a new template will be automatically added to your library.
• Custom template - You can create a unique layout, placing the navigation menu anywhere within the template header.

Creating pages
• New facilities management - In addition to the usual page objects can now use the options to insert various content.Library option objects constantly updated via the Internet: select the items to set and display, creating a set of tools needed to implement your project.
• Cell style - styles specific to the cells used to create the image fields that make the page layout more interesting: save your styles in the library and use the import and export functions for reuse in different projects.

Text and tables
• Web Fonts - With the new web fonts, you are no longer tied to a number of commonly used fonts when creating pages.Integrate Web fonts, including Google-fonts and use them to improve your site. You can be sure that your users will see exactly the font that you chose.
• Text Editor - We have developed a new text editor: this guarantees you more effective management of texts, the use of Web fonts, and a complete set of commands for a standard format.
• Style of content - Change the style of the content is automatically applied to all paragraphs to which you linked it. This will provide more uniform pages without having to change them manually.

• More than 200 images of 000 free - Thanks to cooperation with the portal Pixabay, directly from the program WebSite X5 you can go to an archive containing more than 200 000 free images, selectlike and paste them into your projects. Imported images will be automatically downloaded from the Internet and are ready for use.
• Load images - With this feature, images are not loaded when the page is opened online, but only at the time of the direct display.Remember that the pages are often long and require scrolling: such tricks will allow you to reduce page download time and to increase convenience for visitors to your site.
• Built-in image editor - now you can set the ratio of proportions to carve the image under the space available: it will increase the accuracy and allows you to quickly obtain a set of consistent images.
• Image Galleries - galleries providing scrolling images, you can select a new button styles and different sets of graphic signs. Use indicators that would show the visitor to the site, how many images contained in a gallery, some of them are currently displayed.
• Image Galleries - galleries Thumbnails can select a new style, as well as acting on the outer box Thumbnails, translate the caption label associated with the image in the display mode of using floating labels.
• Optimize images - Specify the name, alternative text (ALT Text) and dimensions for images within the text, as you do for images inserted through the object.

E-mail form
• Form fields - When you create a form for sending e-mail, we have added a new field Description: Use it to insert an introductory or explanatory text, creating a more perfect form.
• The properties of the separator - separator - is a graphic element used to create a visual separation between the elements of the form e-mail. Use the display properties to make the form more effective.

Blog, guestbook and newswire RS
• Planning the schedule of publication of new articles - Now, specifying the date of publication, you can determine when it is a blog or an article RSS feeds will be displayed online.This means that you can write a few articles in advance and specify the publication schedule: each article will be online on the date.
• Management commentary - As an alternative to online control panel WebSite X5, you can use the system management commentary Facebook or Disqus. Integrating communications is performed immediately, and you can enjoy all the benefits of social networking.
• The order and the number of comments - Controls the display of comments left by readers: you can set the number of comments displayed on each page, as well as whether they should be placed in chronological order.
• Limited access - Like any other page, a blog can also be included in the restricted area.Use this option if you want to create a private discussion group: You can set whether the registration and provide access to a blog just after you enter your user name and password.
• Effects - Application of image transition effects and video inserted in the article, will give them a more complete and attractive appearance.

• Limited access -When you want, you can create groups to make purchases with limited access, while customers will be able to buy goods only after registration.For this shopping cart online store is simply added to the restricted area so that access to it is granted only after entering the user name and password.
• Validity of promotional code - proved that the special offers of limited duration have more success: Set the validity of your promotional code activated for the goods in your store, specifying the beginning and end of the period of discounts.
• The costs when ordering - Give your customers the opportunity to choose between different methods of payment: for each of them you can set the margin is fixed and as a percentage of the amount.
• Buying on the page the item card - Buy button can be set so that the addition of the goods was carried out immediately, without leaving the basket. This will make the purchase process quickly and efficiently.
• Buying on the page the item card - Button Buy at your request can not be displayed on the product page. Use this option if you prefer to potential buyers to contact you for the formulation of proposals, depending on the case.

• HTML-editor - With the new HTML-editor of objects and places where is possible insert custom code, you can now enjoy the benefits of automatic numbering of lines of code,syntax highlighting and auto-complete of HTML-tags and properties of CSS. Enter the code for you to become a lot easier and faster.
• The evolution of gadgets to - Due to the new HTML-editor of objects and places where is possible insert custom code, you can now enjoy the benefits of automatic numberinglines of code syntax highlighting and auto-complete of HTML-tags and properties of CSS. Enter the code for you to become a lot easier and faster.
• New Window "Statistics, SEO and code" - All the functions required for manual control code pages were collected in a separate a new window Phase 4. With this change, all necessary functions at your fingertips and will be easier to figure out what to do.

SEO optimization
• New Window "Statistics, SEO and code" - New window Phase 4 provides all the functions needed to activate the instruments related to optimization (SEO) code pages. Use them to best place your pages in search engines.
• Service Universal Analytics - We provided support function upon activation of service Universal Analytics, a new working tool, developed by Google's site visits and analysisusers interact with the content. Use this service to better meet their audiences.
• The title tag - For even more fully optimize use the control tags H1 and H2 header pages. Search engines such as Google, take into account these tags.
• Custom code - more precise control of the Pages section, in which you can manually embed code.

Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Final

Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Final

Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional Final

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