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Hetman Software Collection 02.2015 (+ Portable)

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Hetman Software Collection 02.2015 (+ Portable)

The collection consists of 8 programs for recovering data from Hetman Software. With this build, you can easily restore your data.

The list of programs:
• Hetman Word Recovery 2.1 (+ Portable)
• Hetman Uneraser 3.6 (+ Portable)
• Hetman Partition Recovery 2.3 (+ Portable)
• Hetman Office Recovery 2.1 (+ Portable)
• Hetman NTFS Recovery 2.3 (+ Portable)
• Hetman Excel Recovery 2.1 (+ Portable)
• Hetman FAT Recovery 2.2 (+ Portable)
• Hetman Photo Recovery 4.2 (+ Portable)

List of applications with descriptions:

Hetman Excel Recovery
Professional tool to recover Excel spreadsheets and OpenOffice.Tables in formats XLS, XLSX and ODS can be successfully recovered from damaged or formatted drives, stable operating devices and hard drives with corrupt file systems and system data areas.

Program features:
- Restores a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc.
- Supports any storage devices with file systems FAT or NTFS.
- Effectively restores the data regardless of the cause of her removal.
- Supports the creation of a virtual disk image and then secure the recovery of information.
- Guaranteed recovers files in the form in which is displayed after a scan.

Hetman FAT Recovery
The utility is designed to return the files from any media marked with the file system FAT.USB flash drives, all types of memory cards, hard disks used in the NAS server for streaming media players are usually running the FAT file system and files deleted from them, can be restored with the help of our tools.

Program features:
- Recovers text documents, compressed archives, digital pictures, music and video files from any FAT disks.
- Recovers data lost after formatting or re-create the logical partitions hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards.
- Recovers data from broken, damaged, inaccessible and unreadable disks in Windows.
- Recover any deleted data is not based on the types of files.
- Recovers data from corrupted partition boot sector, partition table, file system errors after.

Hetman NTFS Recovery
Recovers files and folders from all types of hard drives, running a file system NTFS, including SSD drives and any other external storage media.The program allows you to recover accidentally deleted files, and all of the information lost after formatting NTFS drives, including file names, folder tree structure, creation date, modified file.

Program features:
- Uses data recovery algorithm implemented in the Hetman Partition Recovery (without support FAT), responding to the highest standards of quality and safety data recovery.
- Recovers files of text documents, compressed archives, digital pictures, video and audio materials.
- Recovers data from formatted, broken and inaccessible NTFS drives and SSD drives.
- Recovers data after format, delete and create new logical partition NTFS (supports ADS, compressed and encrypted files).

Hetman Office Recovery
Guaranteed recovery of deleted and missing documents Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Adobe PDF.The program supports recovery from a low-level formatted, unreadable and re-initialize the drive. Working at a low level to detect and recover files that are inaccessible to other programs.

Program features:
- Restores documents of any version of a package Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF.
- Supports hard and SSD drives, memory cards, USB drives, regardless of the size and manufacturer.
- Restores the structure of directories with broken, damaged, inaccessible and unreadable disks in Windows.
- All found to restore the files are guaranteed to be open to look at editing.
- You can see the possibility of recovery of documents to register the program.

Hetman Partition Recovery
Recover lost files and folders, formatted partitions and fix corrupted hard drives in a few seconds.The program is designed for safe recovery after various problems related with broken, damaged, formatted and inaccessible logical partitions.

Program features:
- Recover all types of deleted files, including documents, compressed files, photos, music and video files.
- Recovers data from formatted, damaged or inaccessible hard partitions, external drive, USB flash drives and memory cards.
- Recovers data from deleted hard disk partitions after creating a new logical partition on it.
- Fix the file system, partition table, MBR, and other system information.

Hetman Photo Recovery
Recover deleted digital photos will be available to each user. The program will return the digital pictures deleted from the camera's memory card (Compact Flash, xD, Memory Stick), flash drives, hard, removable and USB disks.

Program features:
- Recover photos after formatting, partition deletion or cleaning the camera memory card, mobile phone.
- Recover deleted images of any formats: JPEG, JPG, PSP, PSD, TIFF, BMP, CRW, 032, CR2, NEF, RAW, ICO, JIF, etc.
- Preview found digital photos before storing photo files.
- Recover photos from memory cards: Smart Media, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, hard, external drive, or USB flash drive.

Hetman Uneraser
Recover information deleted by virus attack, power failure, software error, or deleted data from formatted partitions of FAT and NTFS. The utility returns accidentally deleted files lost after clearing "Trash" ("Recycle Bin") or deleted without using it.

Program features:
- Recover files and folders deleted from the "Trash" ("Recycle Bin") or deleted by pressing "Shift" + "Del".
- Recover data from hard, external drives ("HDDs"), or USB flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras (Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Xd).
- Document Recovery Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint (* .DOC, * .XLS, * .PPT), audio and video files.
- Recover data from formatted logical drives NTFS and FAT.

Hetman Word Recovery
Designed to restore access to the documents in formats Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Adobe PDF. The program recovers files from formatted, damaged and inaccessible media.Supports recovery from disk to remote logical partitions, as well as discs that have been re-partitioned.

Program features:
- Recover deleted documents in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer.
- Supports hard disks ivneshnie, usb flash drives, memory cards.
- Recovers accidentally deleted files and data lost after formatting or deleting a logical partition, the file system failure.
- Recover deleted documents or partially damaged by virus attack.
- Extremely easy to use and accessible to any user.

Hetman Software Collection 02.2015 (+ Portable)

Hetman Software Collection 02.2015 (+ Portable)

Hetman Software Collection 02.2015 (+ Portable)

Graduation Year : 2015
Activation: Included (keygen-BEAN)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Interface language : ML | Multilingual
Size: 344 Mb