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Reg Organizer 7.0 Final DC 26.02.2015

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Reg Organizer 7.0 Final DC 26.02.2015

Reg Organizer - Is a multipurpose program for complex service system registry operating systems Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1.It allows you to clean the registry, its compression and defragmentation. It has a powerful registry editor and advanced search and replace data. With utility Reg Organizer you can preview the imported reg-files (including from Windows Explorer).

Key Features Reg Organizer
Registry Editor in Reg Organizer lets you perform various operations with the system registry, including export, import, copy the key values ​​and more.Unlike built into Windows, Registry Editor in Reg Organizer is more convenient to use and more functional.
Search and replace in the registry - allows you to find all keys related to a certain application and delete them if necessary (a variant of the Manual Registry Cleanup).This is useful, for example, when an application program has not uninstall and delete it after "hand" in the registry are unnecessary records that may lead toincorrect operation of other applications. At the same time, Reg Organizer provides the deepest search and can often find even those keys associated with this application, which are not found in other similar programs.
File Editor for editing the registry keys and values, add, and delete data in the .reg-files.A very useful tool for the transfer program settings from one computer to another. Unlike the built-in registry editor allows you to create teams of reg-files, which may contain various branches of registry keys.
Preview of the registry files (* .reg) before adding their contents will assess the data before the date of import.When you view the imported reg-file contents as a tree structure in the program Reg Organizer, which allows to visualize all keys that will be imported into the registry.
Tracking the registry keys will help monitor the actions of any programs and learn in detail about all the changes that it makes to the registry.
Complete removal of programs Reg Organizer will help to smooth out all the tails of programs (cleaning the registry and the file system after uninstallation) to prevent cluttering the registry and filesystem, which is very useful, because not all programs are removed for a working files and records with the settings in the registry. The opportunity to realize technology-based Full Uninstall ™, which is also used in the program Soft Organizer.
Tweaks in Reg Organizer will help you configure a job Windows "by itself".
Startup programs can also be tracked using Reg Organizer. Thus, you can control the programs used by the system and free up valuable resources for other purposes.
Cleaning the registry - Reg Organizer will find yourself all the unnecessary and erroneous entries in the system registry of your Windows, and fix them.
Optimize Registry - Reg Organizer will file compression system registry and defragment them.

Changes to Reg Organizer 7.0
* The program's user interface has been updated.
* Startup applications optimization. Reg Organizer may speed up your computer boot time by delaying specific applications which are registered for automatic starting along with the system. These are programs that are not necessary right after the system has loaded.
* The disk cleanup tool has been completely remastered.

1) The tool is now able to find more unneeded files and invalid shortcuts on the disks.
2) It works more quickly.
3) The ability has been added to specify the custom folders and the file masks for cleaning them. (The Clean Folders function from the previous versions
was able only to purge the specified folders completely.)
* The Important Registry Parts tool: You now have the ability to select several entries at once. Also a new command was added to the context menu allowing you to turn all selected items into checked.
* An option was added to Settings allowing you to disable the splash screen on program start.
* Bug fixed: Some interface parts of the Startup tools could be displayed incorrectly when working under the Classic Windows interface theme.

Reg Organizer 7.0 Final DC 26.02.2015

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface language: Multi / Multi
Activation: Present
Size: 5,75 Mb

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