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Magic Desktop Final

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Magic Desktop Final

Magic Desktop - It is safe and developing environment in which children quickly learn the basics of computer literacy. Specially developed design is perfect for those tiny little hands, and a large collection of programs will not leave them indifferent.

Children like!
• Kids learn to be happy using our collection of educational games and exercises. Millions of young people are Magic Desktop - an undeniable fact of recognition!
• Parents appreciate the serenity that gives them the Magic Desktop: with him does not happen by chance the missing files and suddenly broken system.
Network Security
• Keep children clear their mind as long as possible, using the parental filters when you visit sites on the Internet.
Early learning
• Give your children the opportunity to develop actively, teaching them to use a computer and encouraging their desire to explore new things. Magic Desktop is suitable even for those kids who just learned yesterday, sit on a chair!
• Open the world of creativity for children, where they can express themselves, share their achievements, as well as get the support of friends and relatives.
Joy for all
• Magic Desktop will give many hours of pleasure your whole family. Put it all together and immerse yourself in the world of childhood and the magic!

Encourage training
Magic Desktop - is a playground with a wide range of programs that grow with your child, offering him a new entertaining ways of learning and the ability to creatively express themselves.
Ge Academy
• Educational games and exercises
• Learn the numbers, letters, colors, shapes
• Use a reward system
• Take a picture
• Apply effects
• Show your family and friends
Draw easy
• Draw on the hand
• Mix and match colors
• Add effects and words
Talking parrot
• Record your voice
• Change the tempo
• Send the voicemail
• 28 games for all ages
• Educational games
• Fun for the whole family
First - the homework, then - the game
• Set the rules
• Motivate children
• Reward for achievements

Protect your children online
• Parents and caregivers need to be concerned about the safety of children on the Internet. For this reason, we have included a few Magic Desktop applications that will help ensure an adequate level of protection.
My First Browser
• My First Browser - a secure browser children in which parents can choose and approve useful websites. Special selections allowed sites, together with parental control, give a certain freedom in the framework permitted by parents.
Magic Mail
• Let your children enjoy a secure email-client that hides the junk mail, and provides parents the ability to control all new contacts. You can be sure that the children do not receive messages from unknown.
Protect your computer
• Set the Magic Desktop, you can be sure: all your documents, system files and settings will be completely safe!
Security Shield
• This special technology restricts access to Windows and create a safe environment specifically designed for children. It is distinguished by an attractive design and ease of use.
• If your child has their own computer, adjust the Magic Desktop so that it loads at startup - thus creating a holistic impression.

Graduation Year : 2015
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Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
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Interface language : ML | Multilingual
Size: 102.6 Mb